DevOps, Java, Docker Containers, Jelastic Cloud and Spain. What Brings Them Together?

| November 12, 2015

Just recently Jelastic, Infortelecom, Madrid JUG and DevOps community organized a great event for developers in Madrid to discuss how to improve continuous delivery of JVM applications using Docker containers. Deep technical speeches, live discussions, apt questions, beneficial bonuses, cool giveaways and lots of fun networking at the afterparty - the event was really successful 🙂

At the meetup the members of Madrid JUG and DevOps community had a chance to discuss the raised questions with the following speakers:

  • Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO
  • Ventura Gil, Infortelecom CEO
  • Pedro Sanz Martinez , Infortelecom System Engineer
  • Jorge Moratilla Porras, Madrid DevOps Co-organizer
  • Nando Sola, Madrid JUG Co-organizer

Containers brought new approach for implementation of DevOps workflows. So our CEO, Ruslan Synytsky, devoted a speech to this topic and described in details how Java developers can get benefits from Docker:

  • Evolving of CI/CD processes with Docker containers
  • Simplification of initial configuration of dev environments, as well as preparation of test, staging and production environments
  • Implementation of zero downtime updates of applications
  • Development of highly available and auto-scalable applications
  • Performing smooth migration of applications across dev, testing and staging environments that can be located in different data centers like Azure, AWS or on-premise

Here you can get acquainted with the presentation shown by Ruslan.

With Jelastic DevOps PaaS developers can value all the benefits of Docker containers in the cloud. And Infortelecom is one of the first hosting partners that provides its customers with Jelastic 4.0 version with the advanced level of production-ready Docker hosting. We are convinced that our containerized cloud platform in combination with the experienced support level and cloud managed hosting from Infortelecom will definitely satisfy DevOps teams in Spain and abroad. And the first feedback we’ll be glad to get from Spanish DevOps and Java communities. That’s why Infortelecom provided some free resources on the platform for the attendees of our Madrid event - looking forward to your impressions!

Didn’t have a chance to join this meetup? Watch the video to find out the details