How to Deploy Nucleus CMS to Your Jelastic PHP Cloud

| November 5, 2013


Over the years, blogging has become an integral part of the social media life-cycle. By utilizing your own blog, you can easily communicate news, events, tutorials or personal opinions.

Reaching out to the world wide web via a content management system such as a blog, is an effective form of communication and Jelastic is the perfect platform for a variety of CMSs.

Today, we will share a tutorial on Nucleus CMS which has low system requirements and is easy to install and use.

This PHP application provides convenient management and usage of your weblog, plus a wide range of features:

  • Ability to set up several weblogs and show their content on the same page

  • Different access rights to the weblog users/admins

  • Division of the content to the categories

  • Built-in commenting system

  • Karma-voting system

  • URLs optimized for readers and search engines

  • Fully tweakable via skins and templates, and multiple CSS files

  • A wide range of available plugins

  • Automatically managed archives and a well developed search function

  • Implementations of the Blogger, metaWeblog and MovableType APIs

  • Ability to ban an IP address or IP range or nickname from further comments/votes

  • Backup/restore system of the database contents

So let’s see how to get the Nucleus CMS application up and running in the Jelastic PHP Cloud.

Create an environment

1. Go to and sign up for a new account if you haven’t done so yet, or login with your Jelastic credentials by clicking the Sign In link on the page.

2. While in the Jelastic dashboard, click the Create environment button.

create php environment

3. Pick the Apache application server, PHP version and MySQL database. Name your environment, for example nucleuscms.

php mysql web hosting settings

In a moment your environment with both Apache and MySQL will be created.

php environment created

Upload and deploy Nucleus CMS

1. Download the required version of Nucleus CMS.

download nucleus CMS

2. Upload the Nucleus CMS archive to the Deployment manager.

upload nucleus archive

3. Deploy the application to the required environment.

deploy nucleus

Configure database

1. Click Open in browser for the MySQL node in your environment.

phpMyAdmin for MySQL

2. Access the phpMyAdmin panel with the Username and Password that you received via email from Jelastic, after the environment was created.

phpMyAdmin authorization form

3. Navigate to the Users settings and Add user.

Add database user

4. Fill in the form for a new user as it is shown below and select Add user.

add user and create database

Install Nucleus CMS

1. Navigate to your environment and click Open in browser for your Apache server. Add /install.php to the URL for the installation page to appear.

start Nucleus CMS installation

2. Fill in the required forms.

  • Hostname: can be found in the MySQL info (e.g.

MySQL info

database host ip-address

  • Username: the one you’ve specified in the Configure database section

  • Password: the one you’ve specified in the Configure database section

  • Database: the one you’ve specified in the Configure database section (same as the username)

  • Administrator User and Weblog Data can be filled due to your requirements

Press Install Nucleus.

4. Installation complete! page has appeared with a list of recommendations on how to finish the Nucleus installation (more details see in the following sections).

nucleus cms installation recommendations

Security Risk

Click Open in browser for your environment and add /nucleus to the URL to access the admin area. Without performing recommended extra settings, you’ll get the Security Risk error message.

security risk

And if you don’t want to solve the mentioned problems you just need to do the following configurations not to get this error any more and to continue working:

1. Open Apache Config files and navigate to the webroot -> ROOT -> nucleus -> libs folder.

2. Open the globalfunctions.php file.

3. Find $CONF[‘alertOnSecurityRisk’] string and change its value to 0. Save the changes.

change nucleus cms configuration

As a result you’ll get the authentication window to access the Nucleus admin area.

Note: to ensure the security of your application it is recommended to perform the suggested in the error message settings but not just switch this error off. Below you can see how to make all needed configurations via Jelastic.

File permission changing

Current permission of config.php is 644.  We will change this file permission to 444 that applies “read only” access. This will be performed using the FTP feature supported in Jelastic.

IMPORTANT! If you have a trial account you have probably no access to the FTP feature and that is why you can’t change the file permission as it is described here. To perform this contact your hosting provider support and request to change the file permission to 444 for config.php that is in the root directory of your package deployed to the Jelastic environment. Indicate the name of your package and environment.

And if the FTP feature is available for your account follow the next steps:

1. Install FTP add-on to your Apache application server.

ftp support

2. Connect to your Apache server via any FTP-client (e.g. FileZilla) using authorization details received in the email after adding FTP.

3. Navigate to webroot -> ROOT and find the config.php file. Change its permission to 444.

change config.php permission with filezilla

4. Save the changes and Restart Apache server.

Delete install files

1. Go back to your Apache Config files and navigate to the webroot -> ROOT folder.

2. Find and delete install.sql and install.php files.

delete install.php and install.sql files

3. Click Open in browser for your environment and add /nucleus to the URL to access the admin area. Log In form will appear.

access to cms admin area

Install plugins

To fight against the spam it is recommended to install some additional Nucleus plugins. All plugins installation scenarios are the similar. As an example we will show how to install Bad Behavior plugin.

1. Download the latest stable version of the plugin.

2. Unzip the package and find the NP_BadBehavior.php file and badbehavior folder.

bad behavior plugin

3. Upload NP_BadBehavior.php file to the webroot/ROOT/nucleus/plugins folder.

plugin file uploaded

4. In the plugins directory create a new folder (badbehavior) and upload the content of the unzipped NP_BadBehavior > badbehavior directory.

Note that the unzipped directory also includes bad-behavior folder inside. So you need to create it also in your newly created badbehavior folder and upload its content as it is shown below.

plugin files

5. Restart your Apache application server.

6. Press Open in browser button next to environment and add /nucleus to the URL to open the admin page of Nucleus CMS. Log in with the credentials you’ve stated while setting Administrator User.

7. Navigate to the Plugins section. Choose the BadBehavior line in the drop-down list and press Install.

install plugin

Great! Bad Behavior plugin has been installed!

 plugin installed

It's that easy! Simply follow those simple steps and you have your own PHP based weblog application up and running. Enjoy blogging with Nucleus in the Jelastic Cloud and please share your experience in the comments below.

nucleus cms

Are there any other PHP applications that you use or want to start using with Jelastic? Let us know your preferences and we'll show you how to install the required application via Jelastic.