How to deploy MODX CMS to the Cloud

| June 25, 2013

MODX is a powerful and flexible adaptive content management system and web application framework. It can be used for not just publishing content on the Internet but intranets and powering mobile applications and more. MODX CMS is known offering complete Creative Freedom for developers and designers. It is easy to use, device independent, perfect for multisite and localization, secure, search engine friendly and, best of all, completely free. MODX CMS also encourages you to customize and modify the Manager interface for a tailored website management user experience. It is backed a wonderful and supportive community as well as a network of global MODX Professionals, and the MODX company itself. Thousands of organizations, large and small, from all over the world have built their sites using MODX. In 2012, MODX was voted as Critic’s Choice for Best Open Source CMS by CMS Critic.

With MODX CMS you can:

  • Create custom content fields and inputs, without touching code.
  • Configure the management UI and display exactly what’s needed for every type of user.
  • Output anything, exactly as you wish, without complex themes or mixed mark-up and code.

Let's see how to deploy this amazing CMS to the cloud in a few minutes!

Create an environment

1. Log into your Jelastic account and click on the Create environment button.

2. Navigate to the PHP tab, select Apache as your application server, PHP v5.3 and MySQL database. After that enter your environment name (e.g. modxtest).


In a few minutes the environment will be created and you'll see it in the environment list.

modx-environment list

Upload the application

1. Navigate to the MODX web-site and download the latest version of this CMS as a zip package. FYI you can choose the traditional or advanced version.


2. Upload your archive to the Deployment manager for further deployment.


3. Once the uploading is finished, deploy your package to the environment you have just created.


Configure database

1. Once the MODX CMS deployment is finished, open in browser your MySQL node.

2. Create an account and the database with the application, using the credentials which Jelastic sent you earlier.


Install MODX CMS

1. Navigate to http://{your_environment_name}.{hoster’s_domain}/setup and you can start the installation.


2. All the installation steps are quite easy, but let's pay special attention to the database connection. Use the database credentials you created in the Configure database section above.


3. Next, create a MODX Manager admin user and, upon completion of the setup process, you will log in with these credentials.


As you can see, the deployment procedure is very straight forward using Jelastic. Now, you can start creating and managing your sites with the wide variety of tools provided by MODX CMS.

To learn more about using MODX, you can take a look at the intro videos, read the quickstart guide or go deeper with the official documentation.