cPanel-as-a-Service Now Available on MIRhosting Powered by Jelastic

| August 4, 2016
MIRhosting powered by Jelastic

We are excited to announce that MIRhosting, Jelastic Cloud Hosting Partner,  is now offering cloud-based “cPanel as a Service” with one click install for customers and partners.  The license is activated instantly upon installation and customers will simultaneously enjoy an unprecedented hourly billing benefit.   

“cPanel as a Service” feature is available within MIRhosting in partnership with Jelastic cloud orchestrator.

cPanel is one of the most well recognized commercial management panels for hosting providers in EU and North America. This management panel is offering extended functionality for hosting resellers and is available in 25 languages.

"We are excited to see the innovation happening with cPanel & WHM at MIRhosting", said Aaron Phillips, Chief Business Officer at cPanel Inc. "This functionality will make it easier for people to get online, making web hosting available to even more people than before."

«We are paying very close attention to what our customers need and are looking for and based on our observations we decided to create an image of the WHM/cPanel control panel, which can be deployed with one click on our cloud platform. This is a truly innovative and advantageous way to license software!  For the first time ever our customer does not have to prepay a full monthly license and instead enjoys a true cloud based license as a service and pays for it at the end of the billing period only for what was consumed. This feature gives our customers highest cost control flexibility because project can now be terminated at any time without any major financial losses», said Andrey Nesterenko, CEO, MIRhosting.

Any registered MIRhosting cloud user can now deploy CentOS 7 with pre-installed cPanel from the «Marketplace» in just one click. The license will be activated instantly upon installation with hourly billing, keeping granular track of actually consumed resources.  This feature, in combination with redundant infrastructure, professional technical support available 24x7x365 and managed backups provides end-users with unparalleled functionality!

We are excited to have a cPanel solution, that is very popular in hosting industry, available on MIRhosting powered by Jelastic for all customers just in a few clicks. It allows to migrate existing users to advanced containers orchestration and provide more options to solve their business needs,” commented Ruslan Synytsky, CEO of Jelastic.

Find out a demo to see the easiest and most accessible way of deployment and activation cPanel at MIRhosting, powered by Jelastic.