Commercial release on ServInt and update on dogado and Rusonyx betas

| May 2, 2012

Hopefully, you have by now heard about our commercial launch with ServInt. A lot of work has gone into getting Jelastic to this point. And we are quite proud of it. ServInt was the first hoster to launch with us and as such, was the first that was able to come out of beta into full production.

The following are a few questions that people have been asking concerning the status of dogado and Rusonyx accounts and the commercial release with ServInt.

What's the difference between the beta and commercial versions of Jelastic?

The customers with ServInt now have access to ServInt's award-winning customer support -- 24/7/365! And they now have access to all of Jelastic capabilities with no limits!

If you want to check out what the commercial version of Jelastic is like, it's really easy: just create an account with Servint and put some credits on your accounts. Boom! Jelastic with no boundaries and direct support.

So what does this mean for you?

Currently, both Rusonyx and dogado/HostEurope are still in beta. If you have applications with either, nothing is changing. The current update only effects ServInt customers.

When can I start using the commercial version of Jelastic on dogado or Rusonyx?

To be honest, if you are using either Rusonyx or dogado, we can't say exactly how long, but we are working hard to make sure that any and all issues are ironed out with Rusonyx and dogado before moving out of beta, but in the mean time, enjoy using Jelastic for free! Don't worry though, we are working as fast as we can to bring Jelastic out of beta for you.

What should I do in the mean time?

We value and need your input. If you see any issue that needs attention, or you see something that needs to be changed, let us know! You can do that either from your console or by sending an email to

If I am with ServInt, how long do I have before my trial runs out?

At Midnight (USA EDT), April 25, your Jelastic beta testing period officially ended, and you were moved into a courtesy two-week free trial. At 11:59 p.m. on May 9, if you have not converted to a fully funded account, your environments will be removed, and your data will be destroyed.

Do you have any incentives for beta testers wishing to convert to paid a funded account with ServInt?

Yes we do! In addition to the free two-week evaluation period you're currently enjoying, we're making it worth your while to get started with our fully featured, paid service as soon as possible. Here are the details of this special, one-time-only, beta user-exclusive offer:

If you decide to convert to the paid service by 11:59 p.m. (USA EDT) on May 2, you will receive a free bonus credit equal to 50% of your initial funding amount. There is no limit to the amount you can pre-pay when you sign up - so there's no limit to the size of your sign-up bonus!

If you convert by 11:59 p.m. On May 9, you will receive a free bonus credit equal to 25% of your initial funding amount.

(NOTE: Bonus credits have no cash value. Bonus credits mature and are available for use once the qualifying paid credits have been consumed. Unused bonus credits are forfeited upon account termination. Bonus credits are not transferable, nor eligible for consideration toward credits or other promotions. Cancellation of service or charge back request before consumption of the initial spend will result in forfeiture of the bonus credit award. All cloudlet consumption will be charged against the initial spend in advance of any refund.)

How much does Jelastic cost if I use it with ServInt?

There are two principal operational expenses for Jelastic users: processing/hosting costs, expressed as "cloudlet hours," and a per-gigabyte storage fee. Each cloudlet hour costs $0.02 per cloudlet hour. One cloudlet is 128MB RAM and 200MHz. The per-gigabyte storage fee is $0.07 per gigabyte per month.

Note: there is a detailed, easy-to-understand explanation of how Jelastic is priced in the ServInt KnowledgeBase.

If you have any questions or concerns . . .

Send us an email to or We will be glad to help you with anything that we can.