ColdFusion Railo deployment in Jelastic

| May 15, 2012

This post was originally written by James Solo over at his blog, web developer padawan. We just had to repost it!

Deploying a Railo Instance to Jelastic

I thought I'd try one of the Cloud Java hosting platforms out there and I must say I'm delighted I did. I wanted to start up a Railo on it and see how it worked out.

First up sign in is super simple, just your email and that's all you need. The user interface is clean, powerful and incredibly simple. With simple drop downs to create your environment and configure the number of instances, etc, that you need. In just a few minutes you can be up and running.

So I chose Tomcat 6. I did initially try Tomcat 7 but apparently they have a few problems with 7 at the moment [note: we have reached out to see what the issue. Not sure what problem James had. Will update this when we get it sorted]. Not to worry, Tomcat 6 is fine. Deploy your environment and then wait for it to be deployed. This takes just a minute or so while they build your instance.

Then down at the bottom you'll see the deployment manager tab, under that you should see upload. You'll need to upload your Railo.war. You can upload one you've downloaded, or I believe, upload direct from

Once you've uploaded the .war file, you need to deploy it. Simple, still in the deployment manager tab, click on the box dropdown and click deploy. It'll ask you to confirm "ROOT" as the context, but root is fine. Once this is done you should be able to click the "launch in browser" button and see the railo admin show.

That's it, you're basically done. I expect you want your own application to run, but that's just as easy. If you click on the spanner / config option next to Tomcat 6 a settings tab will open and you can tweak the Tomcat settings. Expand webapps and root. This is your application home. You can delete everything in there except for the WEB-INF folder. Then upload your cfm files and you're done!

I think this is a brilliant hosting environment and so brethlessly simple I'm very impressed.