The Public Cloud with the Dedicated Fiber Optic for Polish Silicon Valley

| January 11, 2021

Today, we announced a partnership between Jelastic and Produkcja Chmur Sp. z o.o., operating on Polish Silicon Valley (Wroclaw). The launch of Produkcja Chmur opens a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering to a wide community of software development companies & e-commerce suppliers. Produkcja Chmur is an SPV of Korbank S.A. listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

PaaS is a higher level of Cloud Computing. This cloud service is not easy to handle for the provider, but at the same time it is extremely easy to use for customers. Our platform allows developers, software houses and marketing agencies of any size to fully focus on the creation of applications as setup and configuration phases can be managed with extreme simplicity. A PaaS solution is also ideal for applications that serve variable loads while enabling scalability and high availability, separation of services and ease of management.

Our value proposition for software developers and digital agencies:

  • Breaking the company's growth barrier caused by the shortage of technical staff.
  • Increasing revenue for enterprises, radically reducing the time of repetitive operations.
  • Significantly influencing the profitability of companies, thanks to the low maintenance costs of IT resources.

The entrepreneurs love free software but there is a hidden cost. We know that an open source application or databases need much more efforts in configuration & administration. Usually, it is an operation engineers’ job. The companies order professional services from their suppliers very often. Platform-as-a-Service is a game changer, because the engineer’s know-how is “injected” into the service DNA.

We are happy to join Jelastic’s network as a brand-new partner in Platform-as-a-Service business. Thanks to this partnership, we have more than 50 ready-to-use applications and stacks in the cloud. We have good solutions proven across different markets. It is an innovative and easy to use Cloud service, with a pay-as-you-use model. The real strength of this new solution is its flexibility. This platform is compatible with a vast range of technologies such as PHP, Java, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Go and .NET, as well as Docker containers and Kubernetes cluster.

While we were building our hardware platform Cloudlets.Zone we decided to use some cutting-edge technology, especially in the Storage Area Network area. Our servers are communicating using 110 Gbps InfiniBand network. We are using fast NVMe storage, so we have very good IOPS performance [Read 115k/Write 38.6k]. Moreover, because our company is part of a bigger ISP from Poland, we have a dedicated fiber optic network with bandwidth from 1 to 10 Gbps. The standard solution for our customers is Cloud with dedicated fiber-optic, so we are responsible for the whole solution. In order to best connect to the global Internet, Cloudlets.Zone cluster connects to the WRIX traffic exchange node.

To sum up, we are not a big team, but we are passionate about cloud hosting and have a specific skill set. We are close to our clients and help at every stage of cooperation. And our Cloudlets.Zone has a very friendly interFACE.

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