CloudFest 2019 Must-Visit Sessions: SaaSification, WordPress, Kubernetes

| March 6, 2019

Top cloud hosting business event is getting closer, so it’s high time to build a schedule for CloudFest 2019. Let us attract your attention to several choice-cut sessions, as well as share Jelastic team plans for this conference.

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Date: March 26-28, 2019

Place: Europa Park, Rust, Germany   

cloudfest 2019 jelastic open sessions

Open Sessions: SaaSification, WordPress, Kubernetes

We are glad to invite you for a set of sessions devoted to the trending topics of modern cloud business. Ready to find out new hosting revenue channels of 2019?

  • SaaSification in Action. Attracting Software Vendors with Easy Transformation

Software vendors got to the point that as-a-service is not just hype but new opportunities for their businesses. That’s why currently we increasingly frequently hear about launching Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS). The transition is in active phase but many ISVs are struggling with technical blockers or lack of expertise on their way to the desired outcome. At this session, we’ll discuss how cloud hosting service providers can ease the transformation for software vendors, thus attracting ISVs as potential clients, building value in own services, and ultimately customer retention.

  • How to Offer Premium WordPress Services for Highly-Loaded Websites

Permanent availability and high performance are among the very key points the companies usually consider when choosing a hosting service. Obviously, no one wants to lose money because of occasional downtime or low performance. To meet the requirements of highly loaded productions you need to supply them with scalable application servers, smart load distribution and database clusterization avoiding a single point of failure. However, the configuration of a reliable WordPress cluster is not a trivial task even for experienced developers and system administrators. During the session, we’ll demonstrate a newly launched WordPress solution for service providers that can be installed in one click. It is packaged as auto-scalable cluster powered by LiteSpeed, MySQL Galera and integration with enterprise CDN. We’ll examine the core benefits of such combination, how it is implemented and in what way this package can be used to attract new high-end customers and grow your hosting business.

  • Easy Launch of Managed Kubernetes Hosting within Own Datacenter

The need to modernize legacy applications led to the growing demand in the production-ready environments for containerized applications. Kubernetes made it possible to develop cloud native microservices or decompose traditional applications making them more technologically advanced. At the same time, orchestration of such workloads brings additional complexity, so companies seek out not only pure hosting but also managed services. This becomes an opportunity for hosting provider to sell value-added options. But lack of integration with Kubernetes technology, necessity to build the clusters from scratch and periodically update them set specific limits or even withdraw these extra hosting business possibilities. During this session, we’ll demonstrate a pre-configured Kubernetes cluster that can be easily installed on top of your own datacenter with full orchestration capabilities. Automated installation, scaling, updates and integrated billing with pay-per-use pricing model make this solution a perfect match for those who want to build managed hosting business offering Kubernetes services.

Join the sessions to get fresh ideas of growing business with cloud services, creating new revenue channels and keeping the pace of arising customers demands.

Date: 26th of March

Meeting Room: Petit Paris


3:00 pm - SaaSification in Action. Attracting Software Vendors with Easy Transformation

3:35 pm - How to Offer Premium WordPress Services for Highly-Loaded Websites

4:15 pm - Easy Launch of Managed Kubernetes Hosting within Own Datacenter

4:45 pm - Questions and Networking

Afterward, Jelastic invites you to stay for networking with drinks and snacks in order to share own thoughts and experience in a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t lose the opportunity to get in touch with fellow thinkers and establish new business connections!

cloudfest 2019 jelastic partner meeting

Annual Jelastic Partner Meeting

It already became a good tradition to arrange a private meetup for Jelastic partners during CloudFest conference. This year is not an exception! Dear partners, let’s come together sharing the achievements and plans of the product and services development, discussing the needs and requirements of the customers, new direction in the industry and our trump cards.

Date and Time: 27th of March, 3-6pm

Meeting Room: Petit Paris

Want to raise an important topic or share the use case with Cloud Union fellows during our dedicated meetup? Just drop us a message to get to the program.

See You Soon!

We are really looking forward to see you at CloudFest 2019 in Europa Park, Rust, Germany! So don’t hesitate to book a face-to-face meeting to find out more on how to grow your hosting business with unique offering on your local market.