Rock Out the CloudFest 2018: Presentations, Photos, Impressions

| March 20, 2018

As predicted, CloudFest has shaken Germany with the loud celebration of cloud, gathering over 6,500 attendees and the greatest minds in the industry. Jelastic team had a dense schedule during the conference carrying out open sessions, dedicated partners cometogether and face to face private meetings, providing tips for the business growth and discussing today’s hosting challenges.

We’d like to say great Thank You to everyone who joined and participated in our activities: we hope it was productive, informative and worthwhile! It’s been our great pleasure to meet you all there! So let’s make a brief review and share the impressions.     cloudfest 2018 rust germany for hosting service providers to increase revenue

Open Sessions

CloudFest attendees, interested in hosting business improvement, evolution and revenue increase joined Jelastic Open Sessions to discuss the challenges and get some extra tips from the speakers’ presentations.

3 Mistakes of Service Providers While Targeting Developers

As a special guest at this event, we invited Bruno Souza - Brazilian JavaMan, developers advocate and Java Champion. As an active dev community member and builder, Bruno shared useful hints on how to reach developers as potential customers and what mistakes service providers usually make while targeting technical guys (recording of the session is coming soon).

How to Make Money Solving 5 Major Problems of Cloud Hosting Customers

Cloud hosting brings lots of preferences, but at the same time reveals several painful problems for customers. Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO, pointed out some of them, as well as gave useful hints how service providers can solve that customers’ ache and turn this into a new source of profit.

  • Problem #1: Complexity of Managing Infrastructure. Infrastructure management has always been a complex problem, because you need to keep an eye on a great deal of things like connectivity, operating system management, upgrades, security, applications deployment, etc. Invention of cloud helped to simplify lots of routine and complex tasks. And a huge number of companies has just started or only plan their migration to the cloud and seeking for professional help in that.
  • Problem #2: Lock-In and Overpaying Killing Business. Big cloud players dictate their rules to play, making customers suffer from unfair pricing bills and making migration to other cloud providers as hard as possible. Competing pricing model and ability to move away will attract new customers and surely make them stay.
  • Problem #3: Wasting Developers for Server Configuration. Spending time of developers on infrastructure management, distracting them from programming, appears to be a quite weak and old-school approach. Investing in tools for admin tasks automation will pay off rather soon.
  • Problem #4: Compatibility of Legacy Applications. Most of applications, especially of enterprise size, have traditional monolithic architecture that leads to complexity while migration to the cloud and containers. The right combination of toolkits and expertise can easily transform this demand into a new revenue channel.
  • Problem #5: Data Location - Latency and GDPR. Business becomes more and more international. Cloud customers are everywhere and they are seeking for a well performing services. Combining a set of data centers and even clouds within a single offer can help to meet the needs in low latency for your worldwide network of users. Also, storing your users data locally increase compliance with various regulations like upcoming GDPR.

More details on each challenge, possible solution and business model for service providers can be found in the presentation.

View the presentation >>

How to Make Money Solving 5 Major Problems of Cloud Hosting Customers

Managed aPaaS For New Revenue Channels

Data loss, cost of downtime, damaged reputation - these are just some of the issues that make many companies worry. And one of the possible ways to omit system failures is to use clusterized highly available environment. But in most cases businesses don’t have the required expertise for such configurations, so they go to cloud providers to get managed services. And big players in this industry understand that this is a huge source of revenue, so they already offer various database as a service, clustered servers or application-based services.

During this session, Tetiana Fydorenchyk, Jelastic VP of Marketing, shared the ideas how local cloud providers can compete on this market investing minimal efforts, time and money on adding managed services to their business line.

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managed apaas for new revenue channels

We`ve got a few nice pictures from the event, take a look!

Also, soon we`ll share several videos from the sessions, so stay tuned!

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Dedicated Private Partners Meeting

It was a pleasure to assemble Jelastic partners to the annual meeting again, discuss the current state of business development, and hear the feedback on the product. Our speakers shared achievements for the last year, tips for marketing and sale strategy, and unveiled further technical updates and business plans.

Being our customer and adviser, Bruno Souza shared his opinion about the platform from the side of a user, provided practical tips on product evangelizing among developers and gifted free private training for each Jelastic partner.

We want to say thank you to our hosting partners who joined our cometogether, disclosed their use cases, challenges and success stories. Your experience keeps us motivated, making Jelastic solution the best fit for cloud customers.

At the end of the meeting, we were glad to honor Jelastic partners with the memorable presents for the successful long-term collaboration - special silver coins coincided with 7 year anniversary of Jelastic and cool “Rock out the Cloud!” t-shirts. Afterwards, together we enjoyed a wonderful networking time with wine and beer. Hope to see even more partners next time!

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If you are a hosting service provider looking for business growth and not willing to lose your customers in favor of competitors, then act fast. Learn more about new revenue channels and contact us to get lifeblood tools and instructions aimed to level up your business!