cloudControl Customers Migration to Jelastic Cloud

| February 16, 2016

Today cloudControl announced that they have to shut down operations by the end of February. The current customers of this vendor were offered to migrate their applications to the Jelastic Cloud to prevent service disruption and data loss, as well as to get advanced DevOps platform that meets their requirements.image00

To make the migration as easy as possible, Layershift, our UK based hosting partner, has agreed to provide FREE expert-assisted migrations from cloudControl to their Jelastic based PaaS. Choosing this option, customers can rely on Layershift engineers’ outstanding support combined with Jelastic innovative technology to ensure a seamless migration and provide a reliable cloud platform for their applications:

  • Development agility and productivity with production-ready Docker containers orchestration and certified containers for all runtimes (PHP, Java, Ruby, .NET, Node.JS, Python)
  • Spike loads handling with automatic vertical and horizontal scaling that works for legacy applications and microservices
  • High availability and increased uptime with workloads geo distribution within multiple cloud regions
  • Advanced self-service panels for developers and admins with full set of functionality for automation of complex DevOps pipelines - CI/CD, zero-downtime deployment, out-of-the-box load balancing, auto scaling and high availability, cloning environment and swapping domains, cloud scripting and containers live migration without downtime
  • Truly flexible usage-based pricing with no need to overpay for unnecessary resources

Every user can start with a risk free trial account, let the migration experts help with the heavy lifting, and only afterwards upgrade to a paid account when they're fully settled in. We are sure that such easy entry point, advanced technologies and reasonable price in one package will meet the requirements of the most demanding cloudControl customers.