Cloud Software Stacks Market Share: April 2013

| May 13, 2013

It's that time where we can share with you the updated statistics on databases, Java and PHP application servers as well as Java and PHP version popularity. Last month was hot here at Jelastic: we launched Jelastic in the Netherlands with the most technically advanced hoster in the country - and in Switzerland with our very innovative partner - innofield. We also have one more great partner in Russia - So let's see how the stats have changed comparing with the previous month.

Note: We didn't include Switzerland in our charts, because our platform was launched on April 9, as a result, we do not have a full month of statistics. Stay tuned to our blog to see this data next month!


We are used to seeing MySQL in first place. Nothing changed this month. Also it's interesting to note that our newcomer MariaDB 10.0 continues to grow: it has almost doubled its share during in one month.

cloud software stasks database

Let's analyze stats from regions now. As you can see Dutchmen are NoSQL fans: MongoDB is almost the leader in the Netherlands.


Here are the numbers:


You can see how the numbers have changed during last year on the chart below.


Java application servers

It's unusual, but our unquestioned leader Tomcat 7 is continuing to lose its lead. I assume that this fact is related to the addition of one more enterprise ready server - TomEE, which has strengthened its position even more in April.

Cloud software stack Java application server

Looking by region chart we can conclude that developers over the world have quite different preferences according to application servers they choose.


Let's see the trends for the last 12 months.

Cloud software stack Javam application server by time period

PHP application servers

We need to note that the situation with PHP application servers has changed dramatically. This month we saw the huge growth of NGINX: now it has almost a half of the pie.


It's interesting, that the numbers in different counties are almost the same.


Java versions

Wow... Java 6 tries to return its former glory: a 6% increase over Mach.


Here's the chart which shows Java 6 and 7 popularity in different regions:


Let's compare the overall numbers now:


Finally, here's what has happened with Java version popularity during last year.


PHP versions

Here's the PHP version distribution for April 2013:


There are no huge changes here.

Now we can check the actual numbers and analyze the situation in regions.


That's all the cloud software stacks stats for April. Keep in touch with our blog to see the updated numbers next month!