Cloud Software Stacks Market Share: November 2013

| December 12, 2013

In today's post, we are going to present the software stacks distribution for November 2013. Learn more about recent Java & PHP stacks usage in order to choose the most appropriate solution for your application, deployed to the Jelastic environment. This month, you can also find out which stacks are more widely used at the home of “Tour Eiffel” as a new hoster from France - Lunacloud - has been launched and added to the statistics.

Database Servers

As usual MySQL is leading this month and CouchDB totally lost its position. At the same time MongoDB saw additional growth and now has 12% of the market share. The rest of the databases remain at the same level of usage.


Let’s see the changes in the distribution of the stacks usage based on the regions. As you can see, MySQL is leading in the Netherlands. MariaDB is still rather popular in Finland. At the same time, its usage level is very close in Ukraine and France.


The table with the current month's numbers:

The chart of the database popularity over the last year:


Java Application Servers

The leader among Java app servers is Tomcat 7 but this month it lost 2% in favor of Tomcat 6. The rest of  the criteria remains, without changes.


In October, Ukraine was the main user of Tomcat 7, this month Switzerland is leading. It’s interesting that in the newly added France region, the usage of Tomcat 6 and GlassFish is at the same point.


Java application servers stats:

And below is the data for Java application servers over the last year:


PHP Application Servers

The stats on PHP app servers changed slightly this month. Apache became even more widely used with a massive 77% of the market share.


Apache server is dominating in all of the regions. We can also note that NGINX is becoming more and more popular in Finland (even overriding Russia this month).


The overall figures:

The chart below shows the popularity of the PHP application servers over the last year.


Java Versions

Java 6 popularity increased to 15%. Java 7 remains the leader with an impressive 85% share.


Java 7 regionally keeps leading, being especially popular in Brazil and France. Finland still has the larger user base of Java 6.


Below is the table format of Java versions usage:

And here is a graph of the JVM popularity for the last year:


PHP Versions

This month PHP 5.3 lost 2% which was distributed between PHP 5.4 (leading at 70%) and the recently added PHP 5.5 (14%).


Regionally PHP 5.4 is the most popular in Japan this month. Russia remains the leading user of PHP 5.3. The usage of PHP 5.5 is almost the same in all regions with the Netherlands at the top.


Here is the table with the PHP numbers:

Below you can see the annual trend by PHP version


And that is the round-up of stats for November, 2013. As always, we hope this information is useful.

The next update on the software stacks statistics will be in 2014! So, stay tuned to get the all of the details of the stack usage for December, 2013.