Cloud Software Stacks Distribution: July 2013

| August 5, 2013

At the beginning of each month we update you with the most recent software stacks popularity charts. As usual in this post you'll see the overall leaders and outsiders among databases, Java and PHP application servers and of course Java and PHP versions. Also we'll provide you with the detailed software stacks distribution by regions and also with the last year's trends within the Jelastic Cloud Platform. So, let's get started!


If we look at the next chart it's easy to see that MySQL is the unquestioned number one, but it has lost some of its position compared to the previous month: a 5% decrease over June.

Database market share, July 2013

Let's see what has happened with this software stack in various regions, where Jelastic hosting is available.


As you can see the percentages are quite different, but the overall leader is the same.

Here are the current figures for July 2013:


Now it's time to see the last year's trends.


Java application servers

Wow! Looks like Tomcat 7 has captured the market, it has a really big lead - at a whopping 76% of the market share. Its "brother" Tomcat 6 has 11%, Java EE application server GlassFish - 7%, Jetty- only 4% and TomEE closes the competition table with 2% of the share.


The chart below demonstrates Java application server popularity in regions.


Here's the current data in a table format:


If we look at the next chart, we'll see that Tomcat 7 popularity increased rapidly during the last year.


PHP application servers

Nothing surprising is here: Apache leads with a significant margin: 74% vs 26%.


It's very interesting to note that Russian PHP developers prefer NGINX in spite of Apache global popularity. Maybe they support a domestic producer, who knows?


Let's see this month's figures:


The next graph shows how the numbers have changed from the moment we started to support PHP in February 2013.


Java versions

Looking at JVM popularity for July, we can conclude that Java developers are forgetting about Java 6, they prefer to use the newer version.


The same can be said in regions.


The next diagram shows the last year's trends in Java popularity within Jelastic.


PHP versions

As usual PHP 5.4 leads the competition with a huge advantage, but version 5.3 has strengthened its position: а 5% increase over June 2013.


Hmm... Russian PHP developers show opposite results like with PHP application servers. They have chosen PHP 5.3.


You can find the current figures in the next table.


What about trends?


That's all the charts for today! See the updated graphs on software stacks popularity next month with an even bigger sample of data, wider geography and more diverse software stacks. BTW, please let us know what kind of stats you are interested in in the comments below.