Hosting Business Use Case. Differentiate on Local Market by Upgrading to Advanced PaaS

| September 5, 2017

Cloud is everywhere, so why not to make money on it? Lots of hosting vendors have already chosen the Cloud for accumulating and increasing their revenues. But still there exist many companies, that suffer from reselling the “wrong” cloud, providing low-quality hosting solutions or not enough flexibility for their customers.

In this article, we’d like to share a feedback of hosting provider from Spain that started to offer PaaS on top of their infrastructure to provide their customers with more advanced opportunities and differentiate on the market of cloud hosting vendors. Find out what benefits were gained by the company and its users from Jose D. Domenech, CTO at Infortelecom.

Valuable Features

The horizontal and vertical auto-scaling feature, which does not involve changing anything in the code of the projects, is the most valuable feature. This helps developers to focus on improving their projects at the code level, without worrying about system administration. Several of our important customers who use Jelastic have highlighted this feature.

Other valuable features include the advanced level of production-ready Docker hosting, one-click application deployment, and the truly flexible pricing.spanish cloud hosting vendor paas platform

Improvements to My Organization

Jelastic has helped Infortelecom to attract and gain more developers as customers, which differentiates our offer from other cloud hosts in our country. Infortelecom is the only official Jelastic partner in Spain.

Room for Improvement

Jelastic is always listening to its partners and customers, so any feedback we get we send to Jelastic staff and they consider implementing it in future versions. For now, some customers are requesting support of Docker containers for Windows. I know that this was already added to the backlog.

Use of Solution

We have been working with Jelastic for two years. We deployed all the needed hardware and software with the valuable help of Jelastic staff in July, 2015. Then we went into a beta stage from August to September, 2015 and finally launched into production on October, 2015. Jelastic is a leading product at Infortelecom.

Jelastic professional services helped us a lot with the initial setup and the future needs we had. There was no complexity at all. The way of managing the platform, from the provider and customer's point of view, is web-based. There is a nice and flexible dashboard. It is very easy to run applications using Jelastic. Power users can modify configuration files from the UI or by SSH access.

Scalability Issues

We had never had any scalability issues with Jelastic. We have monitoring systems for Jelastic and if the Jelastic cluster resources are near to capacity limit, we get a warning. We just need to add more servers/resources to it.

Technical Support

Jelastic technical support is great. Keep in mind that our staff has years of expertise in system administration and they have also been trained by Jelastic professional teams to support the product. Any user of Jelastic at Infortelecom has double technical support.

Cost and Licensing Advice

Pricing for the customers is really easy, as it is pay per use. If any server is switched off, you don't have to pay for anything. Customers can control the minimum and maximum price for their environments very easily from the control panel. There are no surprises at all!

Pricing for providers is revenue-shared based. Providers should invest in hardware to set up the Jelastic cluster.


Thanks, Jose!cloud platform as a service business for hosting provider

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