Chuck approved Jelastic :) Just to make you smile

By | February 17, 2012

Chuck Nor­ris doesn’t write code. He stares at a com­puter screen until he gets the app he wants, deployed into Jelastic.

Chuck Norris doesn’t deploy web applications, he round­house kicks them into Jelastic cloud.

One Chuck’s round­house kick = 1 cloudlet in Jelastic.

Like Jelastic, Chuck Nor­ris never has a bug in his code, EVER!

Chuck Nor­ris runs all the java appli­ca­tions in the world using only one cloudlet.

Chuck Nor­ris creates new environments in Jelastic with one look.

Chuck’s environments are and

Chuck Norris downloaded whole the Internet and deployed it to Jelastic.

Chuck’s environments never sleep, EVER!

Chuck Norris is not a man. He is a machine, a Java virtual machine on Jelastic.

Chuck Norris doesn’t write code. It writes itself out of fear and deploys itself using Jelastic.
After he created the Internet, Chuck Norris took a break from killing and made Jelastic.
Chuck Norris once deployed a roundhouse kick to the Internet… today, that roundhouse kick is known as Jelastic.

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