Best Jelastic Memories 2015 and Wishes for Upcoming Year

| December 24, 2015

All of us here at Jelastic have had a year of milestones, none of which would be possible without you - our global partners who became members of our Cloud Union and to our clients who relied on us in using cloud services. Thank you for the 2015, that was beyond all expectations.image01

Happy to Share Our Achievements in 2015

New partners, customers, releases, events - the year is really fruitful for Jelastic.

Growth of Jelastic Cloud Union

This year Jelastic Cloud Union has been enlarged with new hosting names. Below you can see those who already launched commercially in 2015.Jelastic New Partners in 2015

With all list of our hosting partners, you can get acquainted at In this recently created catalog, you can find the required information about hosting service providers like quality of support and SLA, hardware performance, pricing, location of data centers and other options that are crucial for the right choice.

Also Jelastic community grew up with new private cloud customers.  Currently our users can install on-premise Private Cloud and Managed VPC within several data centers. It is notable that we were among the first three (Jelastic, OpenShift and Heroku) who offered Managed VPC for DevOps on cloud market.

Technical Achievements

In 2015 Jelastic released three major versions of the product (3.1, Trinity 3.3 and Joker 4.0) providing new functionality and updates of the current product to improve user experience:

  • Hybrid Cloud with Multiple Regions within Different Data Centers and Clouds
  • Advanced Docker Containers Support
  • Software Defined Storage for Containers
  • .NET and Windows Containers Support
  • Virtual Private Cloud installation on Azure in One Click

With all these advanced features, IDC named Jelastic a Major Player among ‪‎Cloud‬ Platform Vendors in 2015.

Events and Activities

This year Jelastic has been actively celebrating 20 years of Java and had really bright moments with Java communities around the world:

  • Participation at JavaOne Brazil with the session about DevOps with containers for Java
  • JUG tour in Brazil with Microsoft Azure, Locaweb, and of course, with Bruno Souza
  • JavaOne San Francisco is especially memorable for the organized personal dinner with James Gosling and Jelastic user at the keynote
  • Madrid JUG and DevOps Meetup gathered local developers to discuss how to improve continuous delivery of JVM applications using Docker containers

Also Jelastic team visited other events oriented on containers, DevOps, cloud and hosting, such as and WHD.usa, ContainerCon and HostingCon, Microsoft Hackathon and IBM Interconnect, DockerCon together with Odin and Mobile World Congress with Skolkovo.

And for sure we cannot forget about opening a new office in sunny Malaga that provided us with new opportunities at the European market.

Our Goals and Dreams for 2016

Next year we are going to start with a new release oriented on traffic distribution for zero downtime deployment. Jelastic team will keep focusing on Docker improvements, features for DevOps pipeline automation and multi-cloud availability as the main trends of the upcoming year. Also, Jelastic will take a step to open source making a long-term investment in the community of contributors. Have any preferences in functionality that you wish to see within Jelastic in 2016? Feel free to share your feedback at

2016 will be also a year of events - conferences, meetups, webinars. Jelastic will organize a conference dedicated to DevOps gathering well-known speakers and prominent companies in Malaga, Spain. The details will be shared pretty soon, so be the first to register and join us.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this year being with Jelastic. Stay tuned in 2016 and let it bring you more joy and satisfaction, new achievements and confidence in future.

Have a wonderful holiday season, Merry Christmas and a Happy  New Year!