Automate Custom WordPress Installation with WP-CLI and JPS

| October 8, 2015

2751Recently our hosting partner Elastx held a WordPress meetup in Stockholm. No doubts that WordPress is pretty popular since all seats got booked less than 30 minutes after the tickets were released. WordPress Stockholm is pretty young community (about 6 months), but already has over 500 members.

At this meetup Tobias Jakobsson, Cloud Solutions Architect at Elastx, demonstrated how you can use WP-CLI, as well as how to automate WordPress installation and adjustments within Jelastic platform.

WP-CLI is a command tool for WordPress to install core, plugins and themes. During the event Tobias showed how to install and set up everything manually. And after that he did a live demo how you can tailor your own WordPress on Elastx with a help of Jelastic packaging standard to automate the further settings. As a result, such custom WordPress becomes available for installation with all needed add-ons and plug-ins just in one click. You can see Elastx open source repository on github.

Here you can look through the whole video with all instructions and explanations:

Find out more on WordPress installation and configuration in Jelastic Cloud using the following documentation:

More information on how to package your own applications to make them available for one-click installation - Jelastic Packaging Standard
Are you using WordPress? What topics would you like to discuss during the next meetups? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below.