Are You Satisfied with Your Hosting Provider?

By | September 24, 2015
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The world of hosting services is growing, so making a decision what hosting company to choose can be rather tough. But from the other point this variety provides a huge benefit – the competition is high so hosting providers make their best to offer better performance, support and extra services.stats

What are the most important factors for you to choose a hosting provider?

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Some hosting providers decide to offer Jelastic DevOps PaaS on top of their hardware in order to be distinguished among thousands of others as the providers with advanced technical solution. Currently we have already around forty hosting partners, so except our platform they need to offer something special or even unique to attract new customers.

The real truth on whether this or that hoster is good enough rises through the experience of their existing customers. That’s why today we’ve decided to ask you to vote for the Jelastic hosting partner you consider worth choosing.

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Stay tuned to find out who is the winner already in October. Feel free to leave the feedback about your experience with our hosting partners in comments below. Also let us know if you’d like to see some of your local hosters in Jelastic partnership ecosystem.

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  • Ramesh Sharma

    Impressive Cloud Platform- Jelastic, earlier I used AWS cloud but facing some difficulty to host my java application on jboss which work perfectly on EverData Jelastic Platform….Love Everdata Service, Server Speed and their quick response. I got 100% uptime on my application.

    • Tetiana Fydorenchyk

      Hi Ramesh, thank you for a great feedback. If you agree we can create a cool case study based on your project. Please drop me an email to and I’ll gladly ask you several questions about your previous and current experience.

    • Kuldeep Singh

      Hi Ramesh, are you using Jelastic service in india ?

  • Please, upgrade to Apache 2.4!

    • Tetiana Fydorenchyk

      Hi Ramon, Apache 2.4 will be already available at Jelastic starting from 4.0 version (it will be release at the end of October)

  • I have my jelastic services shut down for more than 8 hours today just because Locaweb is not abble to charge the service because of their technical issues! I´m not abble to recharge and the support team doesnt give us any feedback!

    • Tetiana Fydorenchyk

      Hi Lucas, as far as I’m informed this issue was already solved. Sorry for inconveniences and thank you for using Jelastic!