Application servers market share within Jelastic: February 2012

By | February 28, 2012
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We are officially over 10,000 users here at Jelastic!

In case you missed that —> 10k Jelastic users

At this awesome milestone, we want to update our statistics on application server popularity and then look back over the changes during the last five months.

Here’s the overall usage of application servers for February 2012, showing percentages of each of the currently available app servers.

One thing to note, Tomcat 7 has almost caught up with Tomcat 6, our leader for the last few months. The difference is very small – only 2% – but it’s worth noting. Jetty’s popularity continues to grow and it has a 16% share, just as GlassFish does.

When looking at the stats based on region, we can see that Jetty is a little more popular in North America and Europeans like GlassFish more thаn their American colleagues.

Here are the current, overall figures:




Tomcat 6




Tomcat 7












The chart below shows how server popularity changed from October 2011 through February 2012.*

Stay tuned to see the updated numbers next month!


UPDATE: Something to note when looking at the numbers from October forward is that before December, we had Tomcat 6 as the default selection in the environment creation window; now it is randomized, which could account for Tomcat 7’s surge from that point forward. –Judah Johns



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  • I think we should probably only have data from December onward in the last graph. In Oct and Nov we had Tomcat 6 as default (now we randomize) so the data was really skewed by the default toward Tomcat.

  • Thanks guys!)

  • Hmm, wouldn’t it make more sense to compare JEE application servers separate from Servlet Containers. For many people the choice is not between Tomcat and Glassfish, but between Glassfish and JBoss, or Tomcat and Jetty. Just a thought.

    • I’ll do a comparison like that soon. 🙂