All you wanted to know about our billing system and even more

| May 7, 2012
As we launched Jelastic commercial version on ServInt we decided to share with you all the necessary information about our billing system and ServInt quotas. Also here's a detailed instruction on how to convert your beta account into paid account.

By default, all accounts created in Jelastic are considered to be trial accounts. If your account was created before our commercial release, don't worry, it becomes trial automatically. But notice, there are some restrictions for trial accounts. Once you create a billing account, the limits are reduced and the account becomes a paid one. In the table below a particular set of rights and quotas for ServInt users are considered according to the type of the account.

Notice: trial account on ServInt is valid during two weeks.

Before the end of your trial period you'?ll see a message that you need to convert your account. When the trial period finishes all your environments will be suspended. After that you still have some time to convert your account to the billing one. If you don't do that your account will be destroyed.

Paid account can have 4 different statuses:

  • Active (all your environments are running)
  • Deactivated (it's lack of money, replenish the account and it will be activated automatically)
  • Suspended (you broke any part of agreement with hoster, all the environments will be stopped and you won't be able to sign in; to activate your account you need to contact hoster's support )
  • Destroyed (you personally ask to delete it or your account is deactivated and you don't do anything to activate it during some period of time stated by hoster)

How to convert the account

1. Go to and sign up if you haven't done so yet, or log in with your Jelastic credentials by clicking the Sign In link on the page.
2. At the dashboard click on Upgrade trial account.
3. Go to the hoster's page and order Jelastic services. After that you'?ll receive an e-mail with your credentials for using billing panel.
4. Go back to the dashboard and refresh the page. Now you have billing account but with zero balance.
5. Click the button with your e-mail address in the upper right corner. In the opened list hover over the Billing/statistics. Then you can see a new list with three items: your balance (now it is 0), Refresh balance and Refillaccount.
6. Click Refill account to open the billing panel of the hoster. Using the credentials which you've got in the e-mail log in and replenish the account.
7. Go back to the dashboard and refresh the page. Now your balance shows the amount of money you have at the account.

You can also click at the balance to see your Billing History with information about Event Name, Environment, Usage and Cost during the stated time-frame and interval.

Hope you find this useful. Stay tuned!