Jelastic PaaS with Kazteleport Made Advanced Cloud Closer for Kazakh Market

| April 12, 2018

Cloud services have proven to be an effective solution, especially when occurs the need to reduce infrastructure costs for enterprise projects, while maintaining or even increasing functionality. Meanwhile, the market of cloud services in Kazakhstan is traditionally considered to be underdeveloped. Local businesses have a need in highly-qualified cloud hosting, but reliable cloud services are poorly presented across the country. That is why, JSC Kazteleport launched a new cloud service offering powered by Jelastic PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) to meet the demands of customers.    cloud hosting service in Kazakhstan by KazteleportJelastic unites PaaS and CaaS (Container-as-a-Service), unlocking the full potential of cloud computing for developers, hosting companies, OEM suppliers and large organizations.

According to IDC, PaaS-services will grow by an average of 17.7% per year. Furthermore,  according to the forecast of the "Global Cloud Development Index" by 2021, 94% of all tasks and virtual computing will be performed in cloud data centers. Therefore, companies need to think about choosing a reliable partner for getting cloud services.

These days, many companies in Kazakhstan already use PaaS solutions but their data centers are located abroad that leads to obvious disadvantages. Their servers are located outside of Kazakhstan, that may cause certain risks: geographical distance, lack of prompt feedback from the service provider, complex geopolitical situation in the world, and differences in the protection of personal data. Therefore, such a decision remains especially doubtful for large businesses and national companies.

Even despite the reduction of IT budgets that could be observed for the last several years, companies need to proceed developing various IT solutions and launching new products. That is why the implementation of PaaS-service offering by the Kazakhstan provider is a must-have step.

So, what is Jelastic PaaS from Kazteleport? This is an automated cloud platform for hosting applications. The platform provides support for Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, Go as well as custom Docker containers, various SQL and NoSQL databases, application servers, load balancers, server caches and storage containers. The service allows customers to create, host and run web applications without a necessity to choose the OS configuration, make changes to the code, or perform complex advanced settings. Among the main features of the platform, can be highlighted several points:

By purchasing Jelastic PaaS on top of Kazteleport, businesses are free from capital expenditure (CAPEX), and resources are paid only upon usage. If an application needs more RAM or CPU, the resources will be added automatically. And when the need in these resources decrease, the consumption will be reduced. This flexibility allows users to optimize their work, eliminate right-sizing problem (when you need to guess the required VM size) and stop losing money on unnecessary payments.

In terms of this alliance, JSC Kazteleport introduced their new service offering – Smart Cloud, providing 14 days free trial access to the platform with a certain number of resources available.

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