Annual Review of Jelastic Multi-Cloud PaaS Achievements in 2019

| December 18, 2019

Time to sum up Jelastic achievements of 2019, make the conclusions and compile a plan for the next year. We are glad to share what goals are reached, how our community has been expanded, where we are currently on the cloud market, as well as how our partners and customers helped us to advance Jelastic Multi-Cloud PaaS.

Global Availability and Exponential Community Growth

This year the distributed network of Jelastic service providers has been extended by 9 newly launched partners. Also, a range of other companies is already preparing to start offering our cloud platform on local markets in the near future. So the overall picture for the end of 2019 is the following:

  • 78 data centers with Jelastic PaaS installed as public cloud hosting
  • 47 cloud hosting service partners in production
  • 36 countries covered with Jelastic regions 
  • 19 cloud hosting providers offer multiple regions within a single Jelastic panel

hosting service providers achievements results 2019

Also, a set of new companies chose Jelastic Private PaaS installation for unified multi-cloud orchestration, managed and cost efficient Kubernetes hosting, or SaaSification of their products while running the projects on a secure and fully dedicated infrastructure.

Nowadays, Jelastic is an excellent solution for a wide range of customers across different verticals: software and web development, digital services, finance and e-commerce sector, media and education, IoT and Big Data, system integrators and many others.

Product Launches and Integrations

From the start of 2019, Jelastic team developed and released 16 new platform builds that include 30+ new features and 800+ improvements of existing functionality. Let’s highlight the most remarkable solutions that has been added to the product line.

Kubernetes Hosting

In Q2 2019, Jelastic launched Kubernetes Hosting providing customers with the main benefits of this technology: scaling, portability, faster time to market, support of wide community and cost savings.

kubernetes benefits achievements 2019

Nevertheless, traditional deployment and lifecycle management of Kubernetes clusters bring additional difficulties as this orchestration platform includes a variety of components, many features are only CLI and API-managed, upgrades are tricky and require profound skills. So Jelastic team worked hard to solve a set of known issues to improve end user experience:

  • Complex setup is converted to “one click”
  • Out of the box load balancing and SSL certificates integration
  • Pre-installed tools for monitoring and collecting  metrics 
  • VMs are replaced with system containers to ease and accelerate scaling, as well as to unlock “pay-per-use” pricing model
  • Product and security updates automation
  • Multi-cluster management via intuitive UI

Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Jelastic launched enterprise WordPress hosting based on pre-packaged clustered solutions to help customers handle unexpected load spikes or permanent high load, improve security, reduce downtime risks, significantly increase performance, speed up response time, and cut maintenance costs. 

The recently launched WordPress cluster can be installed automatically from the marketplace with the following configuration:

  • LiteSpeed or NGINX load balancer
  • LiteSpeed or NGINX web servers with automatic scaling
  • Highly-available MariaDB Galera cluster or master-slave replication
  • Redis caching and Shared Storage
  • Built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Premium CDN integration
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Layer-7 Anti-DDoS Filtering
  • WordPress Multisite Networking

“Website availability and performance have a direct business impact for most of the companies nowadays. We bore that in mind while building our clusterized WordPress package in order to eliminate downtime issues, improve performance and cyber security protection. In combination with pay-per-use pricing model, the enterprise level solution becomes affordable for everyone,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.

More details about these WordPress solutions were presented in the dedicated webinar, feel free to review the recording:

LiteSpeed Web Server and Web ADC Support

This summer Jelastic announced strategic cooperation with LiteSpeed Technologies Inc by adding out-of-box support of LiteSpeed Web Server and LiteSpeed Web ADC in order to meet the performance and security requirements of highly-loaded PHP applications.

“LiteSpeed ensures high performance and availability for our projects, so we are glad to have easy access to this software while running applications in the cloud. It’s great that Jelastic is constantly listening to the needs of customers and adding out-of-box support for such advanced technologies,” said Dimitriz Giouzelis, CEO at WebO2 with applications hosted at Scaleforce, Jelastic service provider.

HTTP/3 Ready Premium CDN Support

HTTP/3 ready premium CDN powered by Verizon Edgecast is packaged for one-click installation on top of Jelastic customers’ environments in order to ensure enterprise performance of content delivery to end customers worldwide. 

Jelastic CDN add-on leverages a highly interconnected global network, featuring massive bandwidth capacity, advanced caching and acceleration strategies, fast-routing IP Anycast technology for powerful and lightning-fast performance over the globe.

Extended Support of Java Runtimes

Jelastic Multi-Cloud PaaS empowered its Java cloud hosting platform introducing support of AdoptOpenJDK, Liberica, Zulu, Eclipse OpenJ9, Corretto and GraalVM. This rich set of runtimes is offering necessary freedom of choice for Java developers.

Jelastic built the runtimes as certified and secure container-based images with pre-configured automatic vertical scaling, conducted a set of tests to ensure a proper integration and performance results, and made them available across all existing production platform installations.

“We love organisations like Jelastic, who like us were created out of a community need by developers for developers. With well over 50 Million downloads, AdoptOpenJDK has become the defacto hub for the community to collaborate on, and we’re very happy to be added as a choice to the awesome Java hosting company PaaS that is Jelastic!” said Martijn Verburg, Director at AdoptOpenJDK.

“We are impressed how fast Jelastic adopted to a new Java reality with alternative runtime providers. Each OpenJDK distribution has its advantages and specializations. For example, Liberica JDK has a “lite” version targeted for the containerized environment and allows higher density deployments,” said Alexander Belokrylov, CEO at BellSoft.

Awards and Recognitions

Jelastic Multi-Cloud PaaS has been honored with the title “Cloud Service Provider of the Year” at the ceremony of Datacloud Global Awards 2019. We are pleased to be recognized as an industry leader by the experts and community influencers.

“The Awards in Monaco are now widely regarded as the only globally recognized accolades for the datacenter, cloud and Edge eco-system, and reflect the tremendous success and achievements in diversity, innovation and excellence,” said Philip Low, chairman of BroadGroup and executive supervisor of the Datacloud Awards.

datacloud award achievements 2019

In addition, Jelastic also was listed in:

Conferences and Meetups

It has already become a good tradition to arrange a private meetup for Jelastic partners during CloudFest conference. This year was not an exception! Lots of business ideas shared, highlighted achievements and plans of the product and services development, discussed the needs and requirements of the customers, new directions in the industry and our strong points. In 2020, we are going to repeat a success of such dedicated partner gathering on the 18th of March. Waiting for your requests and suggestions on the topics that should be covered.

In addition, during CloudFest we conducted a set of open presentations for all willing to join:

Also, this year Jelastic CEO, Ruslan Synytsky, had a set of presentations at the conferences, meetups and webinars:

  • CodeOne in the USA: Choosing Right Garbage Collector for Efficiency of Java Memory Usage
  • DevoxxUA in Ukraine: Automatic Vertical Scaling of the Java Heap
  • Jakarta Tech Talk webinar: Elastic JVM for Scalable Java EE Applications Running in Containers
  • DevOps Geneva in Switzerland: Elastic JVM. Automatic Vertical Scaling of the Java Heap
  • Java Webinar with SouJava: Automatic Vertical Scaling of the Java Heap
  • Cloudbazaar in India: Managed Kubernetes as a New Income Source for Service Providers
  • Acronis Global Cyber Summit Panel Discussion: Automate or Die
  • DataCloud Nordic in Denmark: Managed Kubernetes as a New Income Source. Profound Opportunities for Infrastructure Players; Panel Discussion: Getting Ready for the Kubernetes Revolution
  • Jelastic Webinar: WordPress Cluster for Enterprise High-Availability

Jelastic Is Ready to Meet 2020

It’s been quite a year for us all! We hope that 2019 has been just as memorable for you, your colleagues and your loved ones. During the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success, achievements and innovations possible.

Season’s greetings from the entire crew at Jelastic! We wish you peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year. Thank you for your trust and commitment. Upcoming year will be devoted to the growth of diversity across Jelastic community and supported technologies. Looking forward to continued success in 2020.

happy holiday season 2019