A Quick Run Down of our Time at ContainerCon

| August 25, 2015

ContainerCon-LogoThis week we sent our team to Seattle WA to the first ever ContainerCon, a conference held by the Linux Foundation in conjunction with LinuxCon + CloudOpen North America.

The event's focus is on virtualization with Linux containers being the most recent disruptive technology and attendees had the choice of more than 200 sessions to attend.

Jelastic exhibited at the event and we showcased our expertise and experience with container technology and showed consumers real-time demos of our containerized platform.

Highlights of Jelastic Container Orchestration

From the beginning, Jelastic has been the pioneer PaaS using containers virtualization technology for application deployment, lifecycle management, scalability and ZERO CC (zero code changes). In addition, Jelastic provides unique vertical scaling for all application containers with load spikes and variable loads in general. The granular resource allocation provides the ability to automatically scale up and down, in and out stateful or legacy apps, resulting an easy way to migrate and improve existing workloads.

  • Production ready Docker
  • Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling
  • High availability of containers on the hardware level, based on software defined storage
  • Live migration and offline migration
  • Full security and isolation
  • Smart containers distribution across the hardware cluster
  • High density and maximum utilization of server resources
  • Hibernation of inactive containers
  • Memory de-duplication technology
  • Visual environment topology builder for microservices, based on containers
  • Smart clustering automation for complex applications
  • Deployment automation across multiple containers
  • Link support between containers on multiple hardware nodes
  • Built-in toolset for monitoring and managing container resources

Business Meetings at ContainerCon

At the conference Jelastic team met up with Odin (Virtuozzo Containers - Odin Cloud Server offers container and storage infrastructure performance and availability) and had lengthy discussions that lasted more than 7 hours!

Also our guys had a great conversation with New Relica tool to monitor performance and pinpoint problems. They discussed an opportunity to add this tool for one-click installation from Jelastic Marketplace and scored some cool shirts.

Jelastic also secured a new deal with Sysdig Cloud (the first and only container-native monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting solution designed for microservice architectures) where we will create an addon for them in the near future.

In addition, they had a great meeting with the Linux Foundation team (see the photos below).

Frequently Asked Questions

As usual there were many questions and the most asked was what differentiates Jelastic from other orchestrators? Jelastic is unique in that it does not have limitations or code change requirements. Jelastic is the only cloud platform which can automatically scale any application, both vertically and horizontally, making hosting of your applications truly flexible.

  • Multi-regions for HA within several data centers
  • Zero code changes required: new and legacy applications support
  • High availability of applications
  • Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling
  • Truly flexible pricing
  • Fast application deployment
  • Easy management via dashboard and SSH access
  • Wide choice of programming languages and stacks
  • Hybrid Cloud for workload mobility
  • Easy installation and management
  • Server optimization with maximum density
  • Smart migration and distribution
  • Faster development and ALM processes
  • High availability, failover and zero-downtime
  • Self-service Web portals and in-built monitoring system
  • Per server subscription or revenue share

Overall, it was an excellent event filled with smart people in a positive environment and we are looking forward to the next year!

Have you checked out containers on top of Jelastic? Please provide your experience in the comments below.

See the Photos from ContainerCon!