Jelastic Gliese 581 Released for Improved User Experience and Optimized Performance

| March 26, 2020

Jelastic Inc., innovative software company that provides a Multi-Cloud DevOps PaaS, launched a new product release named Jelastic Gliese 581 that includes container provisioning optimization, improved UI for better user experience, optimized SSH connection security, as well as a set of API and Cloud Scripting updates.

Container Provisioning and Redeploy Optimization

The container provisioning process was reviewed to boost the delivery time. Namely, the base OS image was cleaned up, making templates more lightweight (approximately 150MB less), and optimized, decreasing the number of actions during container deployment. As a result, a range of Jelastic certified templates are created up to 50% faster without any loss in functionality.

The redeploy actions are performed on the snapshot, which is discarded upon failure or merged upon success. Such flow significantly boosts the reliability level of the container update operation. Due to the optimization of the flow, a copy of custom data is not created that significantly increases the speed, especially for big containers with lots of data.

“We at MIRhosting are continuously improving infrastructure performance and redundancy to offer a fast and reliable platform for customers. With Jelastic PaaS upgrade, we provide our customers an unprecedented improvement in speed while creating new environments!” Alexander Ovchinnikov, Technical Marketing Engineer at MIRhosting.

Improved UI for Better User Experience

The auto-clustering feature activation in the topology wizard will explicitly display any extra nodes that will be added due to cluster configuration. For example, Auto-Clustering for the GlassFish application server creates the DAS node, MariaDB or MySQL database clusterization adds ProxySQL. These extra nodes are displayed in the appropriate extra layer of the topology wizard. Such a change allows achieving a better architecture overview when working with auto-clustering.

The Tasks panel was significantly redesigned to make this tool more modern and feature-rich. The operation status details are moved to the start of each task and adjusted to use the status labeling. Also, almost each task can be expanded to get detailed information on the action parameters and server response, which is especially useful for automation design. Active Log tab was added to view a full list of actions performed on the account. This new tab is supplemented with the built-in search and filter for quick and convenient analysis.

In the current platform release, all the icons utilized in the Jelastic dashboard were converted to SVG format. Compared to the previously used PNG, SVG remains crisp and clear for all resolutions and sizes. Additionally, the SVG format is more lightweight. In such a way, alongside the better visual, the improvement also slightly boosts the dashboard loading time.

Optimized SSH Connection Security

Jelastic PaaS considers security to be one of the priority points of the platform and, thus, regularly implements all the necessary updates and vulnerability fixes. In confines of the current platform upgrade, SSH connection to containers (including SSH Gate) was improved through several configuration adjustments.

Also, Jelastic Gliese 581 is focused on platform stability and performance enhancing, thus includes a wide range of API and Cloud Scripting improvements, bug fixes in functionality and UI, as well as software stack updates.

Find out more details about added improvements in the release notes and try out functionality on already upgraded service providers.

Jelastic Gliese 581