5 Year Anniversary of Jelastic. Let’s Celebrate Together!

| January 27, 2016

Thrilled to share the amazing news, today we are celebrating Jelastic anniversary. Even hard to believe but we are already 5 years old - mature but still young and full of energy! 🙂

Jelastic was launched as a Public PaaS cloud provider for Java applications in 2011, January 27. And now we are multilingual, multi-cloud DevOps Platform with the partner ecosystem across the whole globe. So let’s remember how we got to this point.   image02

The Jelastic name is a combination of words Java and Elastic, as we started with Java support. Our current logo represents the fundamental unit of resource in a Jelastic cluster, the “cloudlet”.  The hexagon shape looks like it is in motion signifying Jelastic rapid pace of innovation and leadership. It is open showing our commitment to open systems and our zero-code-change approach.  Also, when you look at the logo in 3D, it looks like an open box signifying Jelastic “cloud-in-a-box” solution with built-in benefits for enterprises and hosting server providers.image04

Jelastic started its path offering the unique opportunity for hosting service providers to get their own Public Cloud solution at the local market. Being able to offer their customers PaaS on top of local infrastructure, hosting providers could compete with such big players like Amazon. Currently, the Jelastic Ecosystem consists of more than 40 hosting service providers around the world.image01

Jelastic was the first cloud provider who combined PaaS ease of use and IaaS flexibility, presenting a new notion - Platform-as-Infrastructure (PaI).image03

Nowadays Jelastic is a DevOps PaaS that can be used as Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud installed on top of bare metal, any cloud IaaS or a combination of both. This product choice widened our target audience and added ISVs, telcos, systems integrators and enterprises to the list of our customers (around 190 000 developers already tried Jelastic).image08

One of the reasons are growing and gaining more and more success is the right choice of architecture and technology from the very beginning. Already five years ago we realized the potential of containers technology and built our product based on secure and production-ready Virtuozzo containers. That gave us an opportunity to become the leading multi-container orchestration vendor with high expertise. Today our platform manages around 50,000 containers and this number is growing rapidly.image00

We started with Java and gradually added support of PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js and .Net, as they were demanded by our growing number of customers. Finally, about one year ago we added Docker containers support to be in the loop with current trends and meet the requirement of modern DevOps teams.image05

We are proud that Jelastic Cloud PaaS became a pioneer in a variety of technical and business aspects like automatic vertical scaling, live migration of containers across different clouds and data centers, zero code change while deploying an application to the platform, advanced UI with topology wizard, usage-based granular pricing system, and others. These innovations differentiate us from other cloud vendors and make our platform attractive for developers around the globe.image-for-publication

“Jelastic is a combination of idea, hard work and support of many people. We created a great product and the market believed in us. So now our goal is to make our platform even better to prove that people did the right choice getting to the Jelastic family. We plan to extend our hosting partner ecosystem to cover every corner in the world with high level of services and reinforce current partners to be strong on the quickly moving market. No matter whether you have several data centers or even no infrastructure at all, we’ll have a product offering for both. We keep our focus on the quality and innovations, so pretty soon you’ll hear about exciting product updates and improvements,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.

We’d like to thank YOU - our partner, customer, adviser, team member or just a friend - for being the part of our story! Stay tuned to see the next pages of Jelastic adventure!