451 Research: Jelastic Rides Wave of IaaS-PaaS Convergence with Platform-as-Infrastructure

| April 8, 2014

451 Research Report on Jelastic Platform-as-Infrastructure

New report by 451 Research pinpoints key enterprise cloud trends

Jelastic has been profiled in a new 451 Research report “Jelastic eyes opportunity in converged IaaS and PaaS”. The report describes a key cloud trend, the convergence of the current technologies of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and describes Jelastic’s strategy and product portfolio.
Below is an excerpt from the press release:
The 451 Research report also provides some key insights into enterprise strategies as they undertake the migration to cloud including:
• Enterprise IT departments are intent on functioning like hosting service providers
• Enterprises have a growing appetite for PaaS
• Whereas PaaS adoption was previously being driven by the polyglot programming trend, a new important driver is IaaS-PaaS integration
451 Research profiles Jelastic in the report, noting:
• Jelastic's integration of IaaS and PaaS matches trends and customer needs in both the service-provider and enterprise markets.
• Jelastic is now applying its service-provider know-how and selling directly to enterprise customers and channels.
• We like that Jelastic is riding the wave of IaaS-PaaS convergence, rather than struggling against it
“We are happy to be profiled in this important 451 Research report,” said John Derrick, Jelastic CEO. “Jelastic anticipated the merger of PaaS and IaaS and has implemented our integrated solution, Platform-as-Infrastructure, at hosting service providers and enterprises worldwide. When platform and infrastructure become one our customers see faster implementation, easier management and realize new efficiencies that drive greater business agility and rapid ROI.”
The complete press release can be viewed here.