The Jelastic Newsletter – May 23, 2012

| May 23, 2012

Java 7 adoption, Commercial releases in Europe and Russia and Software stack market share. . .

The Jelastic newsletter is a weekly round-up of news, how-to's and contribution opportunities. Here's what's happening this week:

Commercial Releases in Europe and Russia

As we continue to grow and add partners, we are happy to say that, as of yesterday, we are now available commercially in Europe through our German partner, dogado.
This is an awesome development, especially if you are based in EU. You can now use Jelastic without any limitations through our partner dogado. If you wan't to see the news release, it's here.
And, in case you missed it, we launched commercially in Russia last week. One of the cool things about our expanding global presence is that it also allows us to provide you with more and more comprehensive data on the usage and adoption of different software stacks.
Press release on commercial release in Germany
Press release on commercial release in Russia
Press release on commercial release in the US

Software Stack Market Share

Instead of going into a lot of detail (if you want more detail, you can see the whole post on the blog), I'll just give you the highlights.
On the database side of things, MySQL continues to grow, while for the most part, the usage of the other databases has stayed about the same. Below you can see a chart showing the usage over the last 8 months.
Application Servers
One of the interesting things about this data is how both Tomcat 7 and GlassFish increased over the last few months and then kind of leveled off, while Tomcat 6 and Jetty did the same but in the opposite direction.
Below you can see usage over the last 6 months:

Java 7 Adoption

As I mentioned before, as our user base continues to grow, our data is getting better and better. In fact, it is now starting to be used by others when looking at Java 7 adoption.


Henrik Stahl over at the Oracle blogs was looking at the question of Java 7 uptake and usage. He looks at a study by ZeroTurnaround that shows a 23% uptake versus Java 6. One of the indicators that they used to confirm their data was our Java versions market share stats from December showing it at 18%.


Well, here is our latest data on Java 7 adoption:

It's been a few months since December, and I would venture to say that our users are probably ahead of the curve on things, but there you have it. Java 7 usage is at 68% within Jelastic.


If you have any questions please let us know. You can reach us for support at Support@Jelastic or with more general questions at


We appreciate you using Jelastic. Thank you.

--The Jelastic Team