2020 in Review: Highlights from Jelastic Multi-Cloud PaaS

| December 22, 2020

2020 is rapidly coming to a close and for many of us it is a relief. This year has been full of challenges and obstacles like no other, on all fronts around the globe. But let’s not forget that growth often takes place in the midst of our greatest challenges. 2020 brought us numerous opportunities to learn, accelerate change and create new paths forward in spite of an ever-changing and complex landscape.

The Jelastic team has been staying focused on serving our customers with the best product and services in our industry, as well as developed fantastic new relationships this year. In addition, we’ve rolled-out several exciting new features and capabilities, and have achieved milestones that now position our company for even more growth and positive momentum in 2021.

100+ Data Centers Availability Reached

Jelastic is actively working with a distributed network of independent hosting service providers and this year our Cloud Union has grown with 16 newly launched partners. As a result, the overall availability zones now exceed 100 data centers and we see more and more providers deciding to offer multi-region deployment. Here are the current numbers:

  • 103 data centers with Jelastic PaaS installed as public cloud hosting
  • 60 cloud hosting service partners in production
  • 38 countries covered with Jelastic regions
  • 24 cloud hosting providers offer multiple regions within a single Jelastic panel

jelastic cloud hosting providers

Jelastic successfully serves the needs of customers from different spheres: software and web development, digital services, finance and e-commerce sector, system integrators, media and education, gaming, online medicine, delivery and many others.

The top Jelastic customer verticals have changed a bit since last year, so the number of digital agencies increased and got to the second level after software vendors. Especially during the pandemic, companies need fast digitalization of their businesses and this demand led to an increased number of digital consultants. Also, we noticed the growth of educational projects hosted in the cloud.

customer verticals

Product Launches and Integrations

This year Jelastic team developed and released 13 new platform builds that include 30+ new features and 300+ improvements of existing functionality. Let’s highlight the most remarkable solutions that have been enhanced or added to the product line.

WordPress Clusters Improvements and Performance Reviews

WordPress Hosting solution became even stronger and more advanced after implementing a set of improvements during 2020. Currently, the packaged cluster provides high availability on all stack layers, as the enhanced topology includes two scalable load balancers and beta mode of GlusterFS storage in addition to previously available auto-clustered application servers and database replication. This option will be released in full production mode early next year.

In addition, Jelastic WordPress hosting was tested and evaluated by a number of third-party experts. For example, we participated in WordPress Performance Benchmark 2020 by Review Signal and got Top Tier rate within three divisions:

  • $500+ / Month (Enterprise)
  • $101 - 200 / Month
  • $51-100 / Month

The tests were performed using a dedicated WordPress cluster running on the UK infrastructure from Jelastic partner, Scaleforce. Next year already several Jelastic service providers plan to participate in such testing, so looking forward to great results.

wordpress hosting performance

WPJohnny, WordPress developer, speed & performance expert provided his honest feedback about our cloud platform, how it’s different from other “elastic hosting” platforms and what features Johnny considers as the most beneficial for service providers and developers.

Windows Hosting inside Virtual Machines

windows cloud hosting in VM

Jelastic launched Windows cloud hosting running inside virtual machines natively implemented within the PaaS. Now the cloud platform enables service providers to offer traditional virtual machines with Windows workloads in the same topology side by side with Linux containers.

The user interface has been updated to seamlessly integrate this additional functionality and make it available to customers in just a few clicks. Application configurations and management can be performed via the built-in web or a standard remote desktop client using RDP. Service providers can easily monitor and manage all servers from the Jelastic Cluster Admin Panel.

Both newly launched VMs and previously available containers can be run within the same host nodes on bare metal. This approach provides high density, improves hardware utilization and reduces management complexity by eliminating the need to use any additional VM orchestration platform on a separate infrastructure. The key component of such implementation is Virtuozzo Hybrid Server used underneath the PaaS layer.

“The Virtuozzo and Jelastic partnership makes it possible for hosting providers to offer unified VM and container-based infrastructure management within a turnkey cloud platform. Our virtualization technology, in combination with the PaaS solution, ensures effective resource allocation and simplified orchestration of diverse workloads,” said Alex Fine, Virtuozzo CEO.

Jakarta EE 9 Support. MicroProfile, Jakarta EE and Eclipse Foundation Working Groups

jakarta ee 9 support

During this summer we started to implement Jakarta EE 9 specifications and announced full compatibility when the official release was issued. The transition from javax.* package namespace to jakarta.* was introduced to power the evolution of cloud native technologies for Java. Jelastic is the first cloud platform that has already made this release available for the customers across a wide network of distributed hosting service providers.

“Jelastic is the first and only cloud vendor to answer our call-to-action to support the new jakarta.* namespace, including both Tomcat 10 and TomEE 9 milestones by the Jakarta EE 9 release date. If we want Java-based standards to continue to exist in our industry, we need all cloud platforms to follow their example and collaborate with implementors to ensure that Jakarta EE thrives,” said David Blevins, Tomitribe founder and CEO.

Jelastic PaaS provides an easy way to create environments with new Jakarta EE 9 application servers for deep testing, compatibility checks and running live production environments. It’s also possible now to redeploy existing containers with old versions to the newest ones in order to reduce the necessary migration efforts, and to expedite adoption of cutting-edge cloud native tools and products.

  • Jelastic Announces Jakarta EE 9 Cloud Availability Across Network of Hosting Service Providers

This year we also joined Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Working Groups, as well as became Eclipse Foundation Member in order to actively influence the development of these technologies. The growing demand in microservice architecture and containers led to the increasing necessity in MicroProfile. This initiative helps to develop and run Java applications in an easily, scalable and resilient way using dynamic cloud environments. MicroProfile framework will bring a deeper interoperability across cloud platforms and the emergence of portabile vendor agnostic solutions.

“We welcome Jelastic's participation in Jakarta EE and appreciate their efforts to accelerate cloud adoption for Jakarta EE 9," said Mike Milinkovich, the Eclipse Foundation's executive director. “We look forward to their contributions and collaboration in future releases.”

Auto-Clustering for Databases and Application Servers

The configuration of a cluster can be a challenging process that requires quite a lot of time and skills investment. In order to help you out, Jelastic PaaS automated clusterization for some of the most popular software solutions and made them available directly from topology wizard. Such automation immensely simplifies and speeds up the creation of a reliable production-ready cluster for your project.

Currently, the following templates support the Auto-Clustering feature:

A number of prepackaged clusterization solutions can be found under the Clusters category of the Jelastic Marketplace.


Kubernetes Cluster Upgrades

In 2020 we had 5 Kubernetes releases providing new versions, as well as enhancing the functionality of the platform connected with this technology. Among the improvements:

  • GitLab integration add-on for Kubernetes to automate the CI/CD pipelines
  • Ability to assign public IPs
  • Automated upgrade procedure for all versions using the built-in add-on
  • MetalLB Kubernetes Load Balancer controller for IP provision
  • Optimized Kubernetes Cluster provisioning and resource consumption
  • Operator-driven version of OpenLiberty

kubernetes gitlab ci cd

Jelastic Kubernetes solution is the only cloud-based hosting offering with the pay-per-use pricing model. We keep evangelizing this advanced way of charging based on real consumption in order to eliminate the right-sizing problem faced by almost every company, as well as push other cloud providers to upgrade to the next generation billing approach.

LiteSpeed Pay-as-You-Go Pricing Model

The integration of LiteSpeed web server and load balancer within Jelastic PaaS is enhanced with a wider choice of pay-as-you-go license types, as well as implemented advanced automation for issuing the licenses within the cloud platform.

“Jelastic is a great channel partner that empowers LiteSpeed technologies with the next-level automation. Our cooperation ensures simplicity and efficiency combined with enterprise-level performance for PHP applications deployed across a wide network of hosting service providers worldwide,” said George Wang, President at LiteSpeed Technologies Inc.

Pay-as-you-go model lets charge only containers that are up and running, there is no need to pay when servers are stopped and not in use. In addition, the license lifecycle management is fully automated. New licenses are issued for every newly-created container during environment provisioning or horizontal scaling, as well as updated while changing available resource limits within each container. Also, the decommission of licenses is performed while stopping the environment or scaling in. All license parameters are automatically adjusted based on the actions performed with the LiteSpeed containers, as well as their state at a particular hour.

litespeed pricing model

Lightweight Private PaaS on DigitalOcean

digital ocean paas

Early 2020 Jelastic announced a partnership with DigitalOcean to offer development teams a simplified launch of a private Platform-as-a-Service with easy container provisioning, project scaling and application management. The released offering provides a lightweight edition of Jelastic PaaS on top of DigitalOcean infrastructure to help customers more easily deploy and manage cloud-native applications, while lowering costs.

"With more developers as well as small and midsized businesses turning to apps to power their projects, our goal is to make app creation and management easier from start to finish," said Apurva Joshi, DigitalOcean VP Product. “Jelastic’s PaaS offering on DigitalOcean automates creation, scaling, clustering and security updates, enabling developers to spend less time worrying about infrastructure, and more time managing their applications.”

Forrester Review of Top Cloud Providers

Jelastic is considered a serious player in the cloud market and that’s why it was added to the Forrester’s 2020 review of 16 Public Cloud Development Platform Providers. Jelastic PaaS is mentioned among cloud development and infrastructure platforms that give developers deepest control over application & infrastructure management.

forrester public cloud providers

Cloud Tech Days

Cloud skills are one of the most required skills for technology jobs today. Technical professionals with cloud experience have a pretty big advantage in the market. And those who can solve big cloud challenges are in high demand.

We want to help developers to be on top of it all. That’s why this autumn Jelastic arranged Cloud Tech Days online masterclass. It was a full week of Cloud, Scalability and Elasticity training with two cloud specialists including Jelastic CEO and invited guests from the industry:

cloud tech days

During this event, we discussed a lot of cool stuff: from Containers and Kubernetes to Microservices and DevOps, from CI/CD Automation and Scalability to Cost Saving and Efficiency.

The masterclasses were devoted to three main topics connected with cloud hosting:

  • Scale Applications and Projects
  • Save money by using elasticity to your advantage
  • Simplify and automate your development

We got great feedback about this initiative and the discussions during the webinars were very active. So surely Jelastic plans to arrange one more set of Cloud Tech Days in 2021. Send your ideas and requests on what topics you’d like to be covered during the next masterclasses, as well as what guest speakers you wish to see next time.

Looking Forward to 2021!

2020 has been full of ups and downs for every industry, as we all have been pivoting faster than we ever anticipated possible to navigate all that this year has brought to us. Due to rapidly changing market dynamics impacted by a global pandemic, business practices are continuing to evolve at an unprecedented pace! We hope that in the face of adversity and challenge through 2020, you have found new perspectives and perhaps some silver linings. We appreciate our family, friends and colleagues more than ever before, as we work together, apart, through some of the most uncertain times we’ve ever seen. We are very appreciative of everyone who has collaborated with the Jelastic team to make our success, achievements, growth and innovations possible.

Warm wishes for a healthy and peaceful holiday season from the entire crew at Jelastic! We wish you wellness, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year. Thank you for your trust and partnership. 2021 will be a year of new opportunities and connections which we will appreciate with a new depth after facing the challenges of 2020 together with you.

2021 holiday season