2016 in Review: Jelastic Activities and Results of the Year

| December 23, 2016

2016 is coming to its final point, so it’s time to review the most bright moments of the year and achievements we are proud of. To start with, we’d like to thank our main stimulus to progress - all Jelastic partners and users. Keep inspiring us and the next year will bring even more fruits of our cooperation!

Availability in 50 Data Centres

Jelastic Cloud Union is growing conquering different sides of the world. Here are some stats on our current coverage:

50 data centres with Jelastic installed as public cloud
44 data centres available in production
30 reselling partners
29 countries with local hosting partner
8 hosting providers offer multiple regions within single panel

This year we released 9 new hosting providers to production and added Estonia, Belgium, Moldova, Paraguay, Tunisia and Indonesia to the list of countries where Jelastic is locally available.Jelastic Hosting Providers

All information about Jelastic hosting partners can be found in comprehensive catalogue with filter by location, support, performance, pricing, availability of free resources, version of Jelastic and partnership level.

Platform Power Leveling

We worked pretty hard and launched 5 new versions of the product adding new features and technical improvements:

  • Flash 4.5 introduced remarkable acceleration of the Docker containers work within the platform and a set of improvements targeted on performance increase
  • Cooper 4.6 presented new reselling option, making PaaS and CaaS business accessible for wider range of hosting companies and MSPs
  • Asgard 4.7 was launched to provide support of a certified Data Storage Container, aimed to improve data handling by sharing it within clustered environments that are scaled horizontally, as well as to optimize the disk space consumption to decrease the spends
  • Morpheus 4.8 announced a smart traffic distribution add-on for blue-green deployment, A/B testing of new releases, application high availability and failover protection across multi-cloud environments, absorbing the best practices for smooth production updates without downtimes
  • And, finally, Jelastic Smith 4.9 with its motto Replicated not Overloaded. Starting from 4.9 version, various scaling triggers can be defined for any container or layer in multi tiered applications, that makes existing horizontal scaling even more advanced and automated

Also, we doubled the Jelastic CPU power from 200 to 400 MHz for all computing environments, with no price change, making Jelastic even more high performing and affordable. From 2016, end users get twice more CPU resources and their invoices remain unchanged.

Available Appliances and Offerings

1. Appliances for hosting providers that allow to start PaaS and Docker hosting business without big infrastructure investments. Providers get a complete cloud hosting platform, installed on dedicated high-performing hardware:

    • Packet with data centers in New York City, Sunnyvale or Amsterdam
    • ProfitBricks with data centers in Karlsruhe and Frankfurt am Main, Germany

2. Private Cloud appliances that can be installed specifically for your company internal needs:

    • Packet (New York City, Sunnyvale or Amsterdam)
    • ProfitBricks (Karlsruhe and Frankfurt am Main)

3. Virtuozzo DevOps is a downloadable version of Jelastic platform for ISVs and mid-size enterprises to automate and accelerate internal development processes. The joint offering can be downloaded and easily installed by customers on top of their own public, private, bare-metal, or virtualized infrastructure. The license for the first server is provided totally free with no time or functionality limitations.

Conferences, Meetups, Tours

Space stand, real spaceman and virtual space journeys - this year Jelastic was a Platinum Partner of WHD.global in Germany and presented a successful speech at the main stage about business on containers – Turn Containers into Money Making Machine: DevOps, Docker, PaaS.

Also we exhibited at WHD.usa, HostingCon in New Orleans, JavaOne in San Francisco and J on the Beach in Malaga, having awesome talks, meeting lots of hosting friends and signing new partnerships. Great time!

To repeat the success of Java Tour around Brazil in 2015, together with dogado, Oracle, SouJava and Red Hat we organized Java Euro Tour, meeting Java User Groups in Germany, Switzerland and Spain. The experienced speakers, Bruno Souza, Edson Yanaga, Otávio Santana and Ruslan Synytsky, talked about how to improve the developers’ career using the modern technologies, and shared their knowledge about Java applications, containers, DevOps, Big Data, Microservices and Live Migration.

Expectations and Plans for 2017

We are glad to lift the curtain on the nearest plans that we have for the next year.

  • Q1 will start with a new Jelastic product release
  • during winter we plan to release a set of prepackaged clustered applications with automated scaling
  • for sure, in March we’ll participate at WHD.global
  • spring will bring us a large product release with special offering for hosting providers and platform improvements for developers
  • more details are coming soon, so stay tuned with our blog 🙂


That was a great year full of innovations and activities, so let’s make the next year even more memorable, cheerful and profitable together! Jelastic Team wish you a great holiday season and happy new year full of new achievements and plans. Thank you for being with us!

Happy New Year Jelastic