How This Can Help to Grow Hosting Business?
Reach DevOps, Containers and PaaS Market

Docker demand by customers is dramatically growing.
Cloud leaders (AWS, Google) are widely offering Docker hosting in the USA, and you can conquer European market

In 2016, DevOps will evolve to a mainstream strategy employed by 25% of global 2k organizations

Hurry up to capture the fast growing market opportunity!
PaaS adoption market is expected to grow to over $22 billion in 2019 with a CAGR of over 30%

What Service Providers Get with Jelastic?
Turnkey Cloud Appliance Easily Installed and Fully Manageable

Jelastic offers Service Providers a comprehensive Platform-as-a-Service and Container-as-a-Service solution that supports Java, PHP, .NET, Node.JS, Python, Ruby and Docker technologies.

Jelastic platform allows hosting providers to reach new market segments such as ISV, SaaS, E-Commerce & DevOps customers, and to monetize a trendy Docker technology.

With Jelastic solution you can differentiate from hundreds of competitors and successfully compete with giant cloud players such as AWS, Azure and Google.

And you get the platform already installed on ProfitBricks „Core Technology Choice“ saving up to 40% processing costs with AMD Opteron or Intel XEON cores.

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PaaS with Docker Support

  • Platform-as-a-Service and Container-as-a-Service Solution
  • Self-service portals with one-click provisioning for Docker and 50+ certified stacks
  • Comprehensive billing engine, limits & permissions control
  • Integration with WHMCS, Odin Service Automation and Odin Business Automation Standard billing systems
  • Metering, monitoring & user management
  • 24×7 premium support services and go-to-market services

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Multi datacenter location (Karlsruhe and Frankfurt am Main)
  • High performance double redundant cloud storage, powered by SSD drives
  • Multiple Availability Zones for high availability and non-stop operations
  • 2 x 40 GBit/s inter-datacenter data transmission rate via InfiniBand
  • Internet connectivity with 4 x 10 GBit/s
  • Rebootless scaling of each machine up to 62 CPU Cores & 240GB RAM
  • By request there can be used any other cloud infrastructure or bare metal

What Hosters Can Offer to Customers?
Grow Your Revenue Providing Extra Services

Upgrade your hosting business offering PaaS tools and Docker containers out-of-the-box for your customers to automate the development processes and not to worry about servers management:

  • More than 50 certified stacks out-of-the-box (Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js., Python and .NET; SQL & NoSQL DBs) and Docker containers support
  • Automatic Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
  • High-Availability and live migration of containers
  • 100% compliance with German data protection laws and the toughest privacy regulations
  • Metering, monitoring and troubleshooting tools

What Is the Cost of Appliance?
Free Installation. License Based Pricing. Revenue Sharing 

Requirements and Resources STARTER

per server
ex VAT


per server
ex VAT


per server
ex VAT

Number of required bare metal servers 1+  2+  2+
Available resources per server
8 Dedicated AMD Cores
16 GB of DDR3 RAM
400 GB of Redundant SSD storage
40 Gbps Network (2 × 1Gbps w/ TLB
8 Dedicated AMD Cores
24 GB of DDR3 RAM (2 × 16 GB)
400 GB of Redundant SSD storage
40 Gbps Bonded Network (2 × 1Gbps w/ LACP)
8 Dedicated AMD Cores
32 GB of DDR3 RAM
400 GB of Redundant SSD storage
1Gbps Network (2 × 1Gbps w/ TLB)Full Jelastic PaaS license
Control panel  shared  dedicated  dedicated
24/7 support
No installation fee
Free addition of extra servers
Multi datacenter location   –
 Specify your preferences within the field “Turnkey bundle of platform and hardware” in the form SEE IN ACTION SEE IN ACTION SEE IN ACTION

250k customers 40 hosting service providers 28 countries
already get benefit from Jelastic

IDC named Jelastic as a Major Player of Global PaaS Market*

"Customers need solutions rather than technologies. We wanted an all-in-one device that was easy to install at a customer site, and we wanted to avoid spending lots of time connecting and configuring the appliance"

− Timo Mankartz, dogado ‎Director Customer Success, Germany

"Jelastic brings us game-changing advantage for new customer acquisition. As nearly every hosting company is offering IaaS in one way or another, it is vital for a hosting company like Planeetta to be able to differentiate itself from the rest of the market. And with Jelastic's unique business model, we are also starting to get customers from abroad, which multiplies our opportunities."

− Lauri Kasti, CEO of Planeetta Internet, Finland

"UK developers understand the importance of keeping servers local to their users, but they’re fed up with the system administration headache of running their own servers. It eats up a lot of valuable time, which users prefer to spend developing cool new software! Layershift’s new innovative cloud platform (based on Jelastic) is here to rescue UK developers from long deployment time and platform-specific programming"

− Damien Ransome, Layershift Service Director, the United Kingdom

"We are excited that the last piece in our cloud orchestration strategy and services billing is enabled with implementation of the out of the box solution provided by Jelastic."

− Andrey Nesterenko, CEO, Innovation IT Solutions Corp., the Netherlands

"As Platform-as-a-Service is the next big thing for the cloud market, and we truly believe in it, we have been looking for a long time for a solution like Jelastic. Jelastic fits perfectly into our concept. It's the simplest to use PaaS out there and because it’s so intuitive, our customers are able to set up their cloud environment in minutes. Based on our long-term brand policy, we name our new PaaS service 'Flow App Engine' powered by Jelastic."

− Reto Giezendanner, innofield cofounder, Switzerland

"We see a trend with companies moving towards using microservices instead of implementing a monolith architecture. With Docker support, our PaaS now gives them an even better experience!"

− Joakim Öhman, CEO of Elastx, Sweden

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