We Are Technologists. We Are Entrepreneurs. We Are Jelastic.

Our team consists of seasoned technology leaders, passionate developers and architects, and meticulous project managers

Executive Team

Ruslan Synytsky
Chief Executive Officer

Ruslan Synytsky is CEO and co-founder of Jelastic, company that delivers cloud platform for simplified hosting of applications inside containers. With a reach technical and business experience, he is actively involved in various conferences for developers, hosting providers, integrators and enterprises.

Alexey Anikin
Vice President of Sales

Alexey is international and business relations expert with over 14 year experience in administrative and trade activities, including trade missions in Russia, Singapore as well as creation of institutions for support and development of promising startups and new global technology businesses.

Tetiana Fydorenchyk
Director of Marketing and Communications

Tetiana is responsible for providing executive leadership and management of the Jelastic’s marketing organization and inbound and out-bound marketing activities worldwide, which include: corporate marketing, partner/channel marketing and product marketing.

Technical and Business Advisors

James Gosling
Father of Java

James is known as the original developer of the Java programming language. He also worked on ground analysis for telemetry from the ISIS II satellite, to the original Unix Emacs and the NeWS window system at Sun Microsystems.

Rasmus Lerdorf
Creator of PHP

Rasmus is well known as the creator of the PHP scripting language. He authored the first two versions of the language and participated in further versions developed and still keeps on contributing to the project.

Bruno Souza
Java programmer

Bruno is a Java programmer and open source software advocate. He was President of SouJava, a Brazilian Java User Group he helped to establish, which became one of the world’s largest. He was one of the initiators of the Apache Harmony project.

Mark Zbikowski
Former Microsoft Architect

Mark is a former Microsoft Architect and ground-breaking software developer with more than 30 years experience. He spearheaded efforts in MS-DOS and was a significant contributor to OS/2, Windows NT and Cairo.

Serguei Beloussov
Serial Entrepreneur

Serguei is a successful serial entrepreneur who founded Parallels, Rolsen, Acronis, and 10 other profitable high-tech ventures.

Soeren von Varchmin
Entrepreneur, Investor

Soeren has over 10 years of international experience in sales and business development roles, including experience in the services and cloud industry for the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Michael ‘Monty’ Widenius
Founder of MySQL and MariaDB

Monty was the main developer of the MySQL database, and the founder of MySQL AB and Monty Program Ab. Currently, he is the CEO of Monty Program and a partner in the venture capital company Open Ocean.

Igor Sysoev
Founder of NGINX

Igor is the original developer of NGINX scalable, high-performance web and reverse proxy server. He designed NGINX as a practical solution to the complicated problems of large web infrastructure operations.

David Blevins
Founder of Apache TomEE. OpenEJB and Geronimo

David was a member of the EJB 3.0, EJB 3.1, and Java EE 6 Expert Groups, current member of the EJB 3.2 (JSR 345) and Java EE 7 (JSR 342) Expert Groups.

Our Story

Jelastic was founded in 2011 by Ruslan Synytsky, Constantin Alexandrov and Alexey Skutin with the mission to provide Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js or Python developers with an easy way to setup application environments and deploy applications quickly. In order to accelerate their path to market, the founders built relationships with several hosting service providers to market the software.

Their choice of going to market through web hosts led the company to build a solution that provided all of the features of a sophisticated PaaS (like Heroku) but also integrated the key elements of infrastructure-as-a-service (like Amazon). Their hosting customers demanded a full vertical stack that could be installed on bare metal and be easily managed with turnkey features like billing integration.

Jelastic’s hosting solution was immediately successful, allowing hosting providers to compete with Amazon, Google and Microsoft with a sophisticated platform that provided end-users with a powerful PaaS with features that surpassed those of the competition. Only Jelastic provided vertical scalability features for optimal density. And only Jelastic allowed developers to run their applications without any code changes or modifications for proprietary APIs.

In 2013, the Jelastic team including Ruslan Synytsky (CEO), immediately embarked on taking Jelastic’s product, now deployed at over 30 hosting service providers in 6 continents, to the enterprise market. The team had recognized that, for enterprises looking to move applications to a private or hybrid cloud, the choices were both few and complex. Jelastic’s turnkey cloud stack, now named “Platform-as-Infrastructure”, provided an immediate solution to “cloudify” legacy applications and provide developers and architects with an agile and rapid way to deploy and manage business applications.

Today, Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure is rapidly becoming the standard for hosting service providers worldwide and is penetrating the enterprise market by delivering a superior turnkey cloud environment at a fraction of the cost of existing virtualization solutions.

"Configuring cloud infrastructures is fun the first time you do it. But it doesn’t take too long before it becomes a tedious time sink. And, if you have the misfortune of being a software developer that has to fight it out with an IT organization, who usually wants consistency, control and visibility, you find that you’re always fighting with them. Jelastic solves all of that. Easy configuration tools for developers, management tools for IT. Peace and productivity. I love it."

− James Gosling, Founder of Java

"PHP has always been about making Web development easy and accessible to everyone. Jelastic’s approach to PaaS fits nicely with this mission and I am looking forward to helping them build more great products."

− Rasmus Lerdorf, Founder of PHP

"IDC has closely monitored the emerging IaaS and PaaS markets and is observing increased blending of the two capabilities. By integrating PaaS and IaaS into their private and public cloud solution, Jelastic provides enterprises and hosters with a turnkey stack that provides rapid deployment and immediate ROI."

− Al Hilwa, IDC

"We like that Jelastic is riding the wave of IaaS-PaaS convergence, rather than struggling against it. This will help Jelastic as it reaches out to enterprises that are very intent on functioning like service providers."

− Jay Lyman, 451 Research

"Jelastic is pretty much the best thing to ever happen to Java web app hosting

− Adam Tuttle, Manager, CF Philadelphia Cold Fusion User Group