Automated Scaling. Easy Clustering. Intuitive Management

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Turnkey Multi-Cloud PaaS

Automation, Containerization and SaaSification


  • Deployment Automation
  • Auto Scaling
  • High Availability
  • Load Balancing
  • Easy Clustering
  • CI/CD Tools


  • Kubernetes Clusters
  • Docker Swarm
  • Microservices
  • Cloud-Native Applications
  • Enhanced Security
  • Migration Services


  • Easy Transformation
  • API-First Design
  • Cloud Scripting
  • Built-In Billing
  • Pre-Configured Clusters
  • Customizable Marketplace

Customers and Partners Testimonials

Developers and Service Providers Across the World

“Main reason to have several data centers and hosting providers is geographical accessibility. Our SaaS clients are dealing on financial industry and they appreciate that their software and data are kept in the same country as they are operating. Also, with Jelastic it is easier to set up new customer environments, which is especially useful when getting plenty of new customers within short time period.“

Esko Kantola, FA Solutions

We are very satisfied with the overall deployment of Jelastic. The benefits that we realized are highly available environments, clustering, and failover coverage. I would like to thank the entire Jelastic team for their assistance and support in getting our environment setup.

Ted Kleczko, IT & Ecommerce Manager at Miele USA

"Configuring cloud infrastructures is fun the first time you do it. But it doesn’t take too long before it becomes a tedious time sink. And, if you have the misfortune of being a software developer that has to fight it out with an IT organization, who usually wants consistency, control and visibility, you find that you’re always fighting with them. Jelastic solves all of that. Easy configuration tools for developers, management tools for IT. Peace and productivity. I love it."

James Gosling, Father of Java

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