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Turnkey Multi-Cloud PaaS

Unify and Automate Cloud Infrastructure Management

PaaS for developers


Simplified infrastructure management by automating creation, scaling, clustering, security updates and other DevOps tasks of managing cloud-native and traditional applications.

  • Fast provisioning of environments
  • Zero code change deployment
  • Automated scaling & clusterization
  • Unified management via intuitive UI
cost efficient PaaS offering


Flexible pricing models in addition to automatic scaling and containers density ensures cost-efficient cloud hosting. New generation pay-per-use pricing based on real consumption, not on server size.

  • Eliminated right-sizing problem
  • Pay-as-you-use public cloud pricing
  • Revenue sharing model for partners
  • License based pricing for private cloud
highly available PaaS hosting


Ability to deploy and manage workloads in public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud across 70+ local data centers and on top of hyperscale clouds like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or Digital Ocean.

  • Zero lock-in to infrastructure vendors
  • High availability on app & infra levels
  • Multi-cloud interoperability
  • Easy cloud migration & digitalization

Cloud Application Platform

Freedom of Choice in a Turnkey aPaaS Package


PaaS with support of Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Docker and Kubernetes, available as public, private on-premise, virtual private, hybrid and multi-cloud


Out-of-the-box monitoring of RAM, CPU, network, storage, IO with alert notifications, as well as load tracking on infrastructure level


Secure isolated networking with VXLAN encapsulation based on distributed virtual switching technology, tunable firewalls


Offering SaaS with a help of packaging standard and CloudScripting that automate software installation, clusterization, scaling and updates


Integrated DevOps tools within a single platform for easy application deployment, lifecycle management, continuous integration and delivery

Monitoring Monitoring
SaaS SaaS
DevOps DevOps
Platform-as-a-Service Platform-as-a-Service
Containers Containers
Network Network
Storage Storage
Billing Billing
multi-cloud availability

The platform is available as public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud within a distributed network of local service providers and global cloud vendors, as well as can be installed on bare metal infrastructure for gaining maximum performance and efficiency

Multi-Cloud Interoperability


System and application containers orchestration with advanced multi-tenant Docker and Kubernetes clusters hosting


Built-in billing integrated with WHMCS, Cleverbridge, OSA, as well as ability to connect own custom billing solution through open API


Fault-tolerant Software-Defined Storage on infrastructure level. Elastic block, file and object storage on application level

Customers and Partners Testimonials

Developers and Service Providers Across the World

cloud hosting providers
James Gosling, Father of Java

"Configuring cloud infrastructures is fun the first time you do it. But it doesn’t take too long before it becomes a tedious time sink. And, if you have the misfortune of being a software developer that has to fight it out with an IT organization, who usually wants consistency, control and visibility, you find that you’re always fighting with them. Jelastic solves all of that. Easy configuration tools for developers, management tools for IT. Peace and productivity. I love it."

James Gosling, Father of Java

Johnny Nguyen, WPJohnny

“Jelastic is a powerful tool that doesn’t just manage and automate cloud services, it manages them all from an easy-to-use GUI panel. Many things that used to require highly-trained admins and dev-ops and took many hours of configuration, can all be done in a few clicks. Being able to do these things through automated software is not only a matter of ease, but also cost! Lots of time saved and even providing you the joy of having more options available. It is a game-changing power to do things this easily.”

Johnny Nguyen, WPJohnny

Christoph Wriessnegger, DATEA

“Jelastic PaaS helps us to be in pace with the fast changing technological world and satisfy our customers on their way to digitalization. Simplified cloud management lets us easily create an efficient digital operation across multiple projects, automation speeds up innovation and updates, while multi-region deployment ensures high-availability and opens new customer markets. As a result, the platform releases our time and budget for more business-oriented tasks and directions.”

Christoph Wriessnegger, DATEA

Bruno Souza, Brazilian JavaMan, Tools Cloud

“Jelastic is a community of partners. Data centers across the globe provide the computing capabilities to run the platform as a service offering. You get a choice of different vendors, in several locations and regulated by different government and laws. But you also have the freedom to take your application back to your premises or even to other vendors that support Java.”

Bruno Souza, Brazilian JavaMan, Tools Cloud

Esko Kantola, FA Solutions

“Main reason to have several data centers and hosting providers is geographical accessibility. Our SaaS clients are dealing on financial industry and they appreciate that their software and data are kept in the same country as they are operating. Also, with Jelastic it is easier to set up new customer environments, which is especially useful when getting plenty of new customers within short time period.“

Esko Kantola, FA Solutions

Julian Maurel, Product Manager at Jahia

“Jelastic PaaS made it very easy for us to choose them. It is compliant with all big cloud infrastructure providers, integrates amazingly well with Java software and provides elegant solutions to manage environment provisioning, scaling, configuration and backups”

Julian Maurel, Product Manager at Jahia

Simone Chinaglia, Digital Nomad

“Keep it simple” is the mantra I always have in mind being a developer. So we decided to move from AWS to Jelastic PaaS. It was a non-pain migration (fortunately). Already in 3 days of tracking, I realized that Jelastic cloud is a perfect match for our business, as well as the most innovative and technologically advanced partner that fully covers the needs of customers. I can just say - it seems I found “my system”

Simone Chinaglia, Digital Nomad

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)?

PaaS is commonly described as a cloud hosting platform with a set of deployment and scaling automation, application management and DevOps tools that can be run on shared infrastructure or on-premise. Also, PaaS eliminates the complexity of building and maintaining the underlying infrastructure.

Platform-as-a-Service solutions can be divided to different types based on their use cases and supported technologies:

  • purpose 
  • abstraction
  • functionality

What is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)?

Learn more about PaaS types >>

What is Multi-Cloud?

Multi-cloud is defined as an approach that combines more than one cloud (public or private), from more than a single cloud vendor. However, this is not an aggregation of various services from different vendors, it requires a mandatory glue - cloud-agnostic approach with interoperability across all providers.

What is Multi-Cloud?

The key ingredient of a solid multi-cloud strategy is the abstraction. Organizations need a governance layer which can provide this complete abstraction from the unique functionality of different cloud vendors and enable cloud-agnostic implementation without extra complexity. Such converging point between the company and clouds should be either aware of all cloud specifics, or combine standardized services from the required clouds and provide missing functionality based on the company needs. 

Multi-cloud management platforms like Jelastic provide the required level of interoperability to ease the entry point and eliminate complicated processes throughout the project lifecycle.

Learn more about Multi-Cloud availability and interoperability >>

What types of containers can you run in Jelastic PaaS?

Jelastic PaaS combines two types of containers in a single platform:

  • System Containers - one of the oldest container types, which is quite similar to virtual machines. It is a stateful, operating system centric solution that can run multiple processes. System containers are usually used for traditional or monolithic applications, as they allow to host architectures, tools, and configurations implemented for VMs. There are different implementations of system containers: LXC/LXD, OpenVZ/Virtuozzo, BSD jails, Linux vServer, and some others. Jelastic PaaS uses Virtuozzo solution.
  • Application Containers - a relatively new container type, which commonly runs a single process inside. It is a stateless microservice-centric solution that is easily scalable horizontally. Application containers are the most suitable for immutable and ephemeral infrastructures. Several application container implementations are available at the market: Docker, containerd, CRI-O, and some others. Jelastic PaaS utilizes Docker as the most widely adopted technology for application containers.

What types of containers can you run in Jelastic PaaS?

Within the Jelastic platform, different container types can be used for various use cases:

  • Certified Managed Containers
  • Elastic Virtual Private Servers (Elastic VPS)
  • Custom Docker Containers
  • Docker Engine CE (Docker Native)
  • Kubernetes Cluster

Learn more about Container Types >>

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